Skull Session: Ohio State Shifts to Virtual Classes, Urban Meyer Gives His Favorite Coaching Terms, and the Buckeyes Seek Your Support

By Kevin Harrish on November 16, 2020 at 5:27 am
The Buckeyes are taking the field in today's skull session.

It sure doesn't feel like it, but the Buckeyes play a top-10 team this week. Maybe I'll feel it by Saturday, and I hope that feeling is gone again by the third quarter.

Word of the Day: Fractious.

 URBAN DICTIONARY. Any legendary head coach has his own famous terminology, and Urban Meyer was kind enough to give us a crash course in his.

It wouldn't have been complete without "Team Up North."

"As a matter of fact, I don't think I've used that word in 40-some years."

And there are still Michigan fans holding out hope that he'll be the Wolverines' next head coach. I guess they haven't lived in reality for decades, why start now?

 GOING VIRTUAL. Ohio State's been rolling with in-person classes up to this point (at the discretion of professors). But with COVID-19 surging again, President Kristina Johnson wants to send students home – and keep them there until the end of January.

"Get tested for COVID-19 early this week. Once you receive a negative test and your classes are available by virtual or hybrid instruction mode, we strongly urge you to leave campus for winter break. For students living off campus and taking virtual-only or hybrid instruction, we also ask you to return to your permanent residences after testing negative for COVID-19, should you determine that is the safest environment for you to continue learning. We are asking for your help to de-densify our campuses in order to slow the spread of the virus. However, we understand that some students would like to leave as soon as possible, so we are asking faculty members to accommodate such requests."


"We have determined that we will offer the first two weeks of spring semester classes (January 11-15 and 18-22) via virtual delivery. Depending on how COVID-19 cases are trending in December and early January, and with the guidance of Governor DeWine and state and local health experts, we will evaluate and act upon any need to extend the virtual start to the semester. Student move-in for spring semester is currently scheduled for January 18. We will continue to update you with details."

For those of you undoubtedly wondering how this is going to impact football – it won't.

 BUCKEYES WANT YOU. You can't be in the 'Shoe supporting the Buckeyes, but Ohio State wants you to do the next best thing – send some virtual love, support and encouragement their way.

I'll just writing my game day Skull Session early and send it their way. Surely they'll allow my online words to scroll down the video board during this week's murder and I can rightfully take credit for the win.

 THE GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD. Schools can't officially host recruits this year due to COVID-19, but prospects have been organizing their own unofficial visit dates.

Hilariously, this past weekend was Michigan's unofficial big recruiting weekend with more than 20 teens visiting Ann Arbor and witnessing the Wolverines get flayed and rotisseried in prime time.

But don't worry! None of them were even a little concerned about the state of the program!

For the 20-something recruits and their families that spent the weekend in Ann Arbor, from their perspective, there isn’t even a shred of doubt in their minds regarding head coach Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff and the potential of the Michigan football program.

Even on the impossible chance that sentence is even true, it's going to be extremely untrue in about a month when Harbaugh and his entire staff are sent packing. But hey, let's just live in Neverland for a little while longer.

Michigan fans are a delight.

 LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! It is time for you to fulfill your patriotic duty and give us your #thoughts on Michigan's next head coach.

It's been... *checks game results on Wikipedia* ... pretty all my life since Michigan has legitimately threatened Ohio State with any regularity. But with the Wolverines potentially hiring a new head coach, that could change! (lol)

Basically, we want to know which Michigan head coach would make you the most nervous.

We made a list of 30 candidates – some entirely reasonable, some a little bit out there – to get the pulse of who would concern Buckeyes fans if they took over the Wolverines and who wouldn't make you blink twice.

If you're into that, please give us 2 minutes of your boss' time by filling out this brief survey which Colin has put together.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Astronaut Kids" by Hotel Fiction.

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