Skull Session: Myles Garrett Could Have Gone to Ohio State, Mike Vrabel is a Football Genius, and Michigan is Hilariously Bad on the Road Against Ranked Teams

By Kevin Harrish on October 20, 2020 at 4:59 am
It's almost game day in today's skull session.

Thinking about this poor fellow today. 

His day was rough enough as it was, now he's a meme! Prayers up. I'll wait for your web redemption, brother!

Word of the Day: Remuneration.

 "UNFAIR" DEFINED. As if it wasn't absurd enough that Ohio State swiftly went from Joey Bosa to Nick Bosa to Chase Young leading the pass rush, there was a chance that the Buckeyes could have had *another* elite defensive end in that same timeline.

Myles Garrett playing opposite of Joey Bosa AND Nick Bosa? Larry Johnson would have been guilty of manslaughter.

It also would have made this graphic even more hilarious:

1st Defensive Player

The scary thing is, this ain't far off from what Ohio State's defensive line might look like in a couple of years. Zach Harrison + Jack Sawyer + potentially J.T. Tuimoloau + a couple of upcoming in-state five-stars...

Personally, I'm fine with Ohio State hoarding all the elite defensive tackle talent until the end of time.

 MIKE VRABEL, FOOTBALL GENIUS. Mike Vrabel is an evil genius. On Sunday, the dude successfully pulled off an absolutely epic clock-saving move that effectively gave his team an extra time out and more time to inevitably tie and eventually win the game.


"That's an unforced error. Big mistake." is some hilarious analysis in hindsight.

Every bit of this is awesome, but his extremely Belichickian press conference response is the icing on the cake.

 OH NO, MICHIGAN. It doesn't really take much analysis to tell you that Michigan has been pretty abysmal against teams with a pulse lately, but they still find ways to amaze me with their badness.

I mean, this state is so eyepoppingly bad that it doesn't even seem possible (but it's Michigan, so it is). 

So what I'm understanding is, I should put my entire bank account on the Minnesota moneyline this week and collect my free money.

Duly noted!

 WHERE TO WATCH. You can't watch Buckeye football from The 'Shoe this year, but if you're in Columbus and would like to feel the kinship of watching The Local Team go up by 45 against Nebraska this weekend, some hero put together a list of some places where you can do that safely.

My personal pick – and I promise Walt is not even paying me to say this! – is the beer garden at Land Grant. But the good news is, there are many, many weeks of Buckeye football ahead. You can give multiple venues a try, if you're into that sort of thing.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Rollercoaster" by The Jonas Brothers.

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