Skull Session: Nebraska's Athletic Director Thinks His Team is Bad, Gee Scott Sr. is Keeping Social Distance From His Son, and Basketball Practice Begins

By Kevin Harrish on October 16, 2020 at 4:59 am
Barron Browning is hitting the sled in today's skull session.

I'm still thinking Ohio State -21.5 is free money against Nebraska, but this glorious 'stache has got to be worth at least three points on the spread.

"I don't think it looks good. I think it looks funny." 

That basically sums up my wardrobe choices throughout high school.

Word of the Day: Asthenia.

 NEBRASKA'S AD THINKS HIS TEAM SUCKS. There was a time when Nebraska was a valuable ally in the fight to save the football season, but now that football is back, Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos is back to his old completely unbearable ways.

"I don't look at (attendance) as a competitive-advantage issue. I'll tell you what's a competitive advantage: Ohio State's schedule compared to Nebraska's. That's a competitive advantage, and that's something the conference should control."

Moos is referring in part to Nebraska's divisional crossover games against Ohio State and Penn State, regarded as the top two teams in the Big Ten East Division. Meanwhile, Ohio State's crossover opponents are Nebraska and Illinois, which both ended last season with sub.-500 records. 

If you didn't catch on, this is actually a glorious self own.

Moos is complaining that Ohio State's crossover games are too easy, but half of those crossover games are against Nebraska. So...

Basically, Nebraska's own athletic director is publicly saying that he thinks Nebraska is bad at football. That's a fair take, to be sure, but it's not a take I would have expected him to dish so confidently.

 SACRIFICES MADE. A few days ago, Ryan Day said that some coaches aren't even sleeping at their own homes for fear of catching the virus and spreading the virus within the program, and they aren't the only ones making that kind of sacrifice.

I'll tell you what, these sacrifices are going to feel extremely worth it when they're rewarded with a natty after all is said and done.

 FINAL FOUR COMING. I'd completely understand if your brain is completely tuned to Buckeye football at this point, but it is my Ohio State blogger duty to inform you that the BasketBucks are prepping to kick some ass this season, too.

I'm sure they're eager to get going. They've got a (simulated) national title to defend, after all.

 FOR THE DEEP POCKETED... For those of you living the extremely blessed life of being a Chiefs fan and a Buckeyes fan with a massive disposable income, allow me to direct your attention to your next favorite purchase.

Mike Weber is parting ways with his Super Bowl ring, and *you* can be the lucky owner, for a rather hefty price.

Mike Weber's ring
Mike Weber's ring.

At first, I had pause about Weber's decision to sell such a sentimental item, but then I saw the current bid of $60,000 with more than 16 days left in the auction. No further questions.

Considering that he was on the team for less than a month and wasn't even on the active roster for the game, there's a solid chance this ring has more sentimental value to the average Chiefs fan than it does Weber.

Everybody wins!

 TERRY THE TURTLE. Extremely important update: Dawand Jones has a pet turtle named Terry.

I'm admittedly disappointed we don't get to see Dawand and Terry together for size comparison, but I'll take what I can get.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hot Rod" by Dayglow.

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