Skull Session: Mike Thomas is a Professional Trash Talker, Jameson Williams is Turning Heads, and CJ Walker's Relationship With Chris Holtmann Flourishes

By Kevin Harrish on October 13, 2020 at 4:59 am
Brutus is doing pushups in today's skull session.

Tuesday is better than Monday.

Word of the Day: Mellifluous.

 ELITE, ELITE TRASH TALKER. Michael Thomas is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, but his most elite trait isn't his hands, his speed, or his route-running – it's his mouth. Dude is an absolutely elite trash talker.

If they built statues for someone's ability to destroy with words, Michael Thomas' would be made of chizeled granite.

"Recruit a DB that can guard me" is one of the most demoralizing set of words ever uttered in a college practice. And I believe every word of that Tweet, because it's hilariously on brand for pretty much everything else we know about Thomas.

Remember, this is the guy that was sitting on his couch blasting his fellow receivers on Twitter for their lack of production in the Orange Bowl.

"Vonn Bell had more catches than a starter at receiver... And he only used 1 hand..."– Michael Thomas, on his teammates

So if you were shocked to learn that Thomas was benched for an altercation in practice, don't be. Thomas is a sentient altercation in practice. It's who he is. Urban Meyer said as much when the Saints drafted him.

Maybe he just got a bit carried away this time.

 PUTTING CLUES TOGETHER. At this point, Ohio State has any real updates about the team sealed tighter than Ft. Knox, but that doesn't mean you can't piece together some information based on the scraps of information we are fed, like my good pal Bill did about Jameson Williams.

A trick of the trade in covering a college football program that treats information about players as sensitively as the nuclear codes is to pay attention to the things that get brought up unprompted. Or maybe Ohio State has caught on to that, and we’re all being duped. No. This seems legit. Anyway …

The name on the tip of everyone’s tongue this preseason is that of Williams.

Head coach Ryan Day went out of his way to mention Williams on his radio show a few weeks ago. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson was asked a question about playing more with two tight ends this year and said it would be difficult because the emergence of some wide receivers — Williams was the first guy he mentioned — makes it difficult to pull those players off the field. Quarterback Justin Fields was asked a slightly more leading question. Simply, who’s caught his eye so far?

“I would say Jameson Williams has been doing a pretty good job at receiver lately,” he said.

You guys hear those alarm bells?

I'm gonna be honest, 90 percent of the reason I included this snippet in this Skull Session is so I can use this gif again.

He gone

And I know y'all ain't complaining.

 CJ WALKER – LEADER. If you can believe it, we're entering CJ Walker's third season with the Buckeyes and Chris Holtmann, meaning outside of Musa Jallow and Kyle Young, he's been with the program the longest.

He's had a lot of time to grow in the program and in his relationship with his head coach, and it shows.

It sure doesn't hurt when your starting point guard can be essentially an extension of your head coach, especially come tournament time *knocks on wood that an NCAA Tournament is played*.

 THE FINISHER. Wyatt Davis is out here making pancake videos before the season, but maybe Ohio State's next Pancake Man hasn't even arrived on campus yet.

You never want to draw a 15-yard penalty, but that one... was worth it.

 LOSER ALREADY. My beloved wife has informed me that The Bachelorette begins tonight and that we will be watching it together. And you know what, I'll be a good sport and play along.

Hell, I'm actually ahead of the game – I've even already found someone we can rule out as the winner.

If that's the one thing that makes him really mad, dude's been pissed off for *checks notes* like, two decades.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Mad World" by Gary Jules.

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