Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins' Benching Makes No Sense, “A Bunch of No-Names” on the Defensive Line, and a Scout Knew Jordan Fuller Was Elite

By Kevin Harrish on October 8, 2020 at 4:59 am
The Buckeyes are meeting in today's skull session.

Folks, it's circle drill szn.

That sure is a welcomed sight (and sound!) after months of uncertainty.

And to think, two months ago, I would have willingly entered myself into that circle if it meant saving the football season. My body is unreasonably glad it never came to that...

Word of the Day: Destitute.

 SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY. Imagine getting a vote of confidence from your boss a week ago then giving your best single-day performance to date only to get replaced by a guy who's routinely worse than you and a guy who's physically unable to perform the job.

That's what happened to Dwayne Haskins this week.

I'm not going to pretend that Haskins has been particularly *good* since taking the reins, but something just feels off here, because if this move is purely about football, as he claims, then Ron Rivera is an absolute moron.

For as much as he's struggled, Haskins isn't even the worst-performing starter in the league. And even with if he was, Rivera told him a week ago that he didn't need to look over his shoulder. It's tough to imagine a career passing performance against a Super Bowl contender really could have swayed him into changing his mind.

More than that, there's just no way Kyle Allen is the better option, in the short-term or the long, and everything about this situation has absolutely tanked Haskins' trade value.

I'm trying not to break out my tinfoil hat here, but just feels like something else is going on behind the scenes that we're not aware of. Because if there's not, Rivera just blew up the future of his team for... fun?

I mean, just listen to my man Wale.

 “A BUNCH OF NO-NAMES.” Ohio State doesn't have a Chase Young or a Bosa heading into this season, but what the Buckeyes do have is a defensive line full of monsters with a chip on their shoulder.

I've got a strong feeling we're going to be seeing this quote again in the near future.

 GOOD COMPANY. Jordan Fuller seems to have shocked pretty much everyone by going from a sixth-ground pick to an NFL Starter in just a few month.

I say almost everyone, because one Rams scout absolutely nailed his analysis of Fuller, giving him a starting grade – comparable to the likes of Nick Bosa and Chase Young – long before the draft.

In the last three years, (Brian) Hill has only given starting-level grades to 11 players. They have included San Francisco defensive end Nick Bosa, Washington outside linebacker Chase Young, Detroit tight end T.J. Hockenson and Pittsburgh linebacker Devin Bush, all of whom were top-10 picks.

And Fuller.

So when Hill’s report on Fuller landed in the inboxes of team personnel and data staffers, it caused a bit of a stir.

“The first thing that stood out to me was Brian’s grade,” Temme said. “Knowing his background, he is typically someone who is … a tough grader. Typically, when he gives a starter grade, it’s meaningful and impactful. … It was kind of a blinking indicator on my end. These guys were talking about him (based on his position) on maybe Day 3 of the draft, but our area scout is grading him along with people who have gone in the top 10.”

In fact, Fuller was Hill’s top-rated safety in the entire draft class. And in advocating for Fuller, Hill even pushed himself out of his comfort zone in meetings.

“He was one of my favorite guys in the draft. I tried to convey that as emotionally as I could,” Hill said with a laugh. “There are some scouts who are excellent presenters. … I’m more analytical, more introverted. So it was about being more firm. Yes, this guy is the top safety. Yes, I would take him. Yes, I love this guy. Yes, I want him (to be a Ram).”

Imagine how pissed this fellow would have been if the Rams messed around and weren't able to get Fuller for an absolute steal in the sixth round when they could have had him in any of the other previous rounds.

Dude would have been "I told you so"ing for the next decade.

 ICE BUCKS. Being drafted into a professional sports league at any point in life has to be pretty sweet, but getting drafted before the start of your freshman year of college would be a legendary feeling.

And a couple future Buckeyes are feeling pretty good.

Two future members of the Ohio State men’s hockey program were selected in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft Wednesday. Signees Mason Lohrei was taken in the second round by the Boston Bruins with the 58th overall selection while Jakub Dobeš went in the fifth round at pick No. 136 overall to the Montreal Canadians.

All-time, 55 Buckeyes have been selected in the NHL Entry Draft, with three first round picks (RJ Umberger/No. 16 in 2001, Ryan Kesler/No. 23 in 2003, David Steckel/No. 30 in 2001). Other Buckeye draft picks on the 2020-21 squad include sophomore defenseman Layton Ahac (Vegas) and junior blueliner Ryan O’Connell (Toronto).

"I just got drafted into the NHL" is one hell of a pickup line for a high schooler.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Campus Fashion" by Tipling Rock.

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