Skull Session: Jonah Jackson and KJ Hill Are Draft Sleepers, How Justin Fields is Practicing While Quarantined, and the Status of an NCAA Video Game

By Kevin Harrish on March 26, 2020 at 5:59 am
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 SLEEPERS OF THE DRAFT. Ohio State produced two of the best overall players in the draft, but it also looks like they've produced two of the most underrated, according to Pro Football Focus.


He may not have the ideal body type or the quickest feet or the most powerful frame, but Jonah Jackson is a broken record in pass protection. He ends more pass pro reps at the line of scrimmage than any other guard in the draft class. His short sets are impeccable, and he’s so quick to get his hands on guys and lock them up. Jackson won 58% of his reps in the one-on-ones in Mobile despite splitting his time between all three interior positions.



Pound-for-pound the best route-runner in the entire draft class, Hill creates separation on the underneath route tree like no other. That still plays in the NFL. He doesn’t have good speed (4.6 40 at the Combine), doesn’t have a big catch radius and is likely stuck in the slot, but I have no doubt he’ll be a productive NFL receiver. He won all but one of his routes in the one-on-ones during the Senior Bowl practices, and his ability to get off the line of scrimmage is already incredibly advanced. Throw out the yardage totals in the Ohio State offense — Hill gets open.

You'd think NFL decision-makers would have figured out that it generally pays to just go ahead and pick the Buckeye when all else is equal. I mean, we did this with Michael Thomas and Terry McLaurin already. But maybe they just need a little nudge.

 FIELDS IS STILL WORKING. A global pandemic ain't going to stop Justin Fields from getting better, it just might force him to be a little more thoughtful about how he does it.

The Heisman Trophy frontrunner is back home in Kennesaw, Georgia, and he's been working out with his old quarterbacks trainer that he's been with since middle school. But he's also following social distancing precautions.

Only one receiver arrives to catch passes from the quarterback.

Footballs are rubbed with disinfectant wipes.

In the age of a coronavirus pandemic, this is routine for Justin Fields.


For the past week, their sessions have replaced spring practices the Buckeyes were once scheduled to hold.

“The biggest thing is being able to get some work in,” Veal said. “You’re not going to be able to replicate (spring practice) because he has six or seven receivers to throw to in practice. It’s just to keep him as sharp as much as possible.”


“We’re taking all the precautions the CDC says to take,” Veal said. “So we just try to keep it small, relatively quick and get out of there.

Ryan Day basically said that he's expecting all of his players to find a way to stay in shape and improve during this time, but he can't possibly be on top of every one of his players to do that themselves. It's great to see Fields leading the way – and also staying safe.

 MAKING PROGRESS! There would not have been a better time for an NCAA football video game than right now, during a shelter-in-place order with all sports canceled.

The bad news is, we're still nowhere near that reality. But we're getting closer!

I just want to recruit digital teens to my computer football team. Please just make it happen.

 FREE MONEY. Amidst this tumultuous economy, I bring you news of a charitable organization called that is giving away money.

You see, Chase Young is absolutely going to be the No. 2 overall pick, and Jeff Okudah is looking like he'll be the No. 3 pick in the draft, which is decidedly lower than 4.5.

Chase Young
Jeff Okudah

Now, -570 is a lot to lay and probably not worth doing that for sanity's sake, but that Okudah line is just stealing.

 BINGE WATCH SZN. One extremely fun silver lining about this whole social distancing thing is it affects everyone.

Whether you're the millionaire football coach, the freelance blogger writing online words about that football coach, or the consumer reading the online words about the football coach (typos and all!), we're all in it together.

That means when you're binge-watching the true-crime docu-series about an eccentric big cat enthusiast named Joe Exotic and his feud with an animal rights activist named Carole, Ryan Day's watching right along with you.

I'm on episode three and so far I have learned that you can feed your pet tigers with a combination of roadkill and expired hot dogs.

10/10, please watch.

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