Skull Session: Urban Meyer Favored to Coach the Cowboys, Ohio State vs. Penn State Advanced Box Score, and Liam McCullough is Among the Best

By Kevin Harrish on November 26, 2019 at 4:59 am
A peak into the future in today's Skull Session.

If you're looking to make the trip to Ann Arbor for The Game, this might be a good year because it's looking like ticket prices are down.

I mean, who can blame folks for not wanting to brave the elements to watch a blowout?

Word of the Day: Animosity.

 URBAN TO THE COWBOYS? I don't have the kind of time to post about every time I hear a different "Urban Meyer to (insert team here)" rumor on the interwebs, nor do I really feel like humoring the delusions of fans at USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Arkansas (yes, seriously) Texas, Tennessee or anywhere else.

However, when someone's putting a sort of monetary confidence on the line, I'll listen. And folks, sportsbook is listing Urban Meyer as the favorite to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 of the 2020-21 football season at +300 odds.

Urban to the Cowboys?

Damn, it looks like Rutgers is going to have to look elsewhere!

What do these odds really mean? Probably not much. These sportsbooks often use prop bets like this to generate buzz and create publicity (it worked!) and the maximum bets are usually relatively small.

On the other hand, they're still trying to make money and set accurate lines. So there has to be a reason why they made Meyer the favorite. And it's probably because he's openly said that he would listen if the Cowboys gave him a call.

"That's the one. That's New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, that's the one. Great city, you got Dak Prescott, you got Zeke Elliott, you got a loaded team," Meyer told Colin Cowherd last month. "To me, that the one job in professional football you kind of say, 'I gotta go do that.'"

Cowherd then asked if Meyer would consider taking the job if the Cowboys reached out.

"Sure, absolutely," Meyer said. "That one? Yes."

I don't know if he'd actually do it, but I do think it's a hell of a lot more likely he ends up there than USC (or Arkansas, I'm sorry to say).

Plus, he and Zeke are already pretty comfortable in Dallas together...

Never say never!

 BOX SCORE, BUT BIGGER! The Nittany Lions were able to do some things that other teams were not, but at the end of the day Ohio State dominated Penn State in pretty much every area of the game except the final score (kind of – I mean, I was still a double-digit win) and turnover margin.

Those first two bullet points kind of tell you everything you need to know.

Penn State did a great job forcing Ohio State into passing downs, but it didn't matter because the Buckeyes converted them more often than not. Penn State was also gifted three crucial turnovers, but it didn't matter because the Buckeyes played damn near perfectly everywhere else.

Even when this team does things that seem to make it beatable, it turns out to just be so good that it compensates some other way and dominates anyway – against a top-10 team, no less.

 LONG SNAPPERS ARE PEOPLE TOO. Yesterday we got news that four Buckeyes will be heading to the College Football Awards Show in Atlanta (which yours truly will be covering, cause they're letting me go outside!).

Liam McCullough isn't one of them, but he should be!

This award should be given out at the College Football Awards Show just like all the other ones (and also, Liam should win it).

 BUCKEYES GIVE BACK. I'll leave it to a couple Buckeye receivers, past and future, to put a smile on your face during this holiday week.

Wide receiver commit Gee Scott Jr. added a new member to Buckeye Nation this weekend, hooking up a homeless football fan with some Ohio State gear to help keep him warm during the winter.

Parris Campbell's giving mentality was on display too, as he took a trip to make sure some families had food for Thanksgiving.

Big hearts are a character trait if you're going to be a Buckeye receiver.

 SEE HOOTIE, BEAT CANCER. I present you a rare opportunity to see Hootie (sans Blowfish), root for the Buckeyes, enjoy a relaxing vacation and beat cancer – all at the same time.

Get dumped then, cancer.

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