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By D.J. Byrnes on May 31, 2015 at 4:59 am
J.T. Barrett the Tactician

I would be fired if I typed my uncensored thoughts about Aston Villa's 4-0 FA Cup loss to Arsenal. I take back everything I said; soccer is dumb, as are people who find enjoyment in that stupid game. Abolish the EPL.

11W WEEK IN REVIEW. Here is some stuff written this week by people more talented than me:



Ohio State today kept itself in contention for a third consecutive national title, qualifying all three of its crews for Sunday's Grand Finals at the Division I rowing championships in Gold River, Calif.

The Buckeyes, ranked third in the country, joined Washington as the only two programs to qualify all three crews to the final round at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. 

... Wait, Ohio State, the two-time defending champion, is ranked THIRD? I see the conspiracy against our great state runs deep. 

NEXT UP IN THE WESTERVILLE PIPELINE? Jaelen Gill, a 2018 prospect out of Westerville, could be the next Buckeye out of the Columbus suburb.

From Bill Kurelic of

One of the top 2018 athletes in the state of Ohio, Westerville South’s Jaelen Gill, will wait until next week to visit Ohio State. Gill had originally planned to visit OSU today.

“We rescheduled it for next Wednesday,” Gill said. “They wanted me to wait until then so I would have more time to spend with the coaches and see stuff. They want me to get a view of all the facilities and sit down with Urban (Meyer).”

The 6-foot-0 and 165-pound Gill was a varsity starter his freshman year. He played mostly wide receiver, but also lined up as a “wildcat” quarterback at times.

I don't need to see the film. If a 165-pound freshman is good enough to start at a place like Westerville South then that kid could be special.

THAT'S CRAZY. Here's a story to which you probably can't relate.

From Rubina Kapil of

Ohio State graduate Mohamed Soltan was freed from an Egyptian prison Saturday and is expected to be on his way back to the United States.

Soltan spent nearly two years in prison, and received a life imprisonment sentence in April.

Soltan was arrested in Egypt in August 2013 after the military coup and overthrow of former President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi’s time in office was filled with political unrest amongst citizens, despite his being the first democratically elected Egyptian president.

Prison in America would be miserable. I cringe thinking about spending two years (of my physical prime) in an Egyptian prison as a guest of the new military regime. 

(Please don't think this is an excuse to share a political hot take. It's 2015 and nobody cares.)

FOR CLARITY'S SAKE. Yesterday, I shared a video of Braxton Miller riding what appears to be an IO Hawk, which retails at $1800. Naturally, this led to people asking how an "unemployed" father could afford such an item. Turns out, Braxton was just trying to stunt for some likes:


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