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By D.J. Byrnes on February 6, 2015 at 6:00 am
All Eyez on Urbz


STAN DRAYTON/MIKE WEBER FALLOUT. Folks... This one does not sit well with me, the 28-year-old blogger with an unkempt beard.

We all know the story Mike Weber's recruitment by now. And yesterday, a little over 24 hours after Weber signed his binding LOI, Stan Drayton accepted a promotion with the Chicago Bears. Weber, understandably, wasn't pleased:

There are too many testimonies around the program about Drayton's good works for a single recruiting dust-up to tarnish his sterling reputation, but no matter how you spin it, you'll never convince me Drayton and Meyer didn't know this was coming down the pipe. 

Did that message get lost in translation? I don't think so:

That's not a good look, no matter how you dice it. Michigan fans will latch onto this as proof Urban Meyer is the scumbag they always thought he was (they're wrong), but I'm not about to sit up here and defend it. 

Drayton's promotion, however, didn't stop others from letting Weber know the score:

People might say, "Well, Weber wasn't straight with the coaches about a clandestine visit he took to Michigan last week." And to those folks, I'd point out Weber is a teenager and Stan Drayton/Urban Meyer are well-paid professionals. 

Weber has cause to stick it out and prosper in Columbus (which he will), but he also has a reason to be pissed. Even if we do live in a world where an NFL team calls a candidate, interviews them, and hires that person all in the same day... it still looks atrocious.

TL;DR: If Weber decides he wants out of his Letter of Intent, Ohio State has no choice but to acquiesce. Regardless of the outcome, this scenario should be avoided in the future, because it feels icky.

COOMBS ON WHAT MAKES A GOOD RECRUITER. What sucks about the tone deaf timing of the Drayton hire is it overshadows the recruiting accolades earned by the staff yesterday.

Stan Drayton was named the Big Ten's top recruiting assistant by 24/7 Sports. Of the Top 10, five Ohio State coaches made the list:

1. Stan Drayton
2. Kerry Coombs
3. Larry Johnson Sr. 
6. Ed Warinner
8. Chris Ash

(The future in the Big Ten is looking grim as hell for the Ohio State's enemies.)

Here's Coombs on the rock star lifestyle of recruiting for a national powerhouse; from Doug Samuels of

“Coach Meyer is very clear about that; ‘Finish your night in the airport. Take the last flight out and be at the first school that’s open in the morning and go.'” Coombs explained.

“That’s what we do. We’ve got a staff that’s full of grinders when it comes to recruiting, and because of that, we’re able to produce great classes.”

“Recruiting is hard. You have to be present, you have to be out there, and you have to be around and available 24 hours a day between Twitter, and the phone calls, and the communication with everyone that is involved, that’s what it takes, and this is a staff full of guys that really do that well.”

I don't envy the coaches. Recruiting seems like a brutal and unforgiving mistress (which would make it the worst mistress).

LOVING WON'T PLAY SUNDAY. Marc Loving goofed and lost "the right to wear the Scarlet and Grey." It looks like that doesn't just sound like an indefinite suspension:

Patient 0 is the straw the stirs this team's drink, but Loving was the second most valuable offensive player. We saw what Purdue did down the stretch against Ohio State, and I think "SWARM THE FUTURE NBA PLAYER" is going to be the blueprint of every team going forward.

My only hope is Ohio State can stay competitive and maybe Russell can get a little practice for what should be the same M.O. against the Buckeyes in March.

THE 90s WERE WILD. The Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s is up there with tulip mania. As a kid, I checked out of society as soon as I got out of rehab for my beanie baby addiction:

(I bet that was a healthy marriage.)

THOSE WMDs. GET YOUR MONEY BACK OSU FAMILY: Class action settlement awarded against Camcar and Shamrock Towing... Family blames guy's death on Seahawks interception... This is one of the greatest curves of all time... Johnny clearly has a revolutionary piece in the works... Compilation of announcers saying naughty things is a national treasure.

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