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By D.J. Byrnes on January 17, 2015 at 6:00 am
Surgeon Cardale Jones

Folks — would you believe it? I didn't — Cardale Jones waltzed into the Cleveland Clinic yesterday and performed open heart surgery on a #teen.

Of course I'm jesting, but don't lie: You had to think about it. Apparently, Cardale (and his brother) were allowed to hang around the Cleveland Clinic yesterday (that's a thing now).  

Is there a cameraman following Jones everywhere he goes? Because there should be. 

SCOUTING No. 12. Vegas is going all-in on King Cardale, and rightfully so. He just won a national title, and he'll be the only QB (with game experience) healthy during spring ball. At this point, it's his job to lose. (By the way: Sport's Illustrated's Pete Thamel, Urban's BFF, said Ohio State's staff believes all three will be back.)

And even though Cardale won't be going pro, I did find this in-depth scouting report on the Glenville gunslinger to be the best I've yet to see.

From Cian Fahey of

Although Jones is nothing like Cam Newton as an athlete in the open field, he shows off enough athleticism to be a dangerous runner while also having the subtlety to make important shifts in the pocket. He makes his offensive line look better by showing off the fluidity and body control to throw from different body contortions and adjust his positioning within the pocket. That movement combined with his size can also make him very difficult to bring down in the pocket when a defender does get to him, a trait that will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger moving forward.

To complement his subtle movement and discipline within the pocket, Jones shows off a willingness to look from receiver-to-receiver through his progression and the understanding of when to hang in the pocket and when to escape it. He wasn't consistent in this area over his short sample on the field, but the ability to be effective was evident.


Jones' tools as a quarterback are very appealing. He showed off relatively impressive accuracy against Oregon and while he was inconsistent with the other aspects of being an NFL quarterback, there was more than enough evidence to suggest that he could be a valuable project for an NFL team this season. His athleticism is an added bonus, but he won't be overrunning many defensive tackles in the NFL like he has done in college.

Ted Ginn Sr. was telling reporters at Cardale's presser he heard from people "in the know" Cardale wouldn't survive the first round. And considering one of the worst hangovers of my life is due to the Browns drafting a 28-year-old Brandon Weeden in the first round... I have no reason to doubt Papa Ginn.

And although I think he'd be better off imprisoned in a subterranean dungeon, I think the on-the-field Big Ben comparisons for are apt. 

If Cardale is the starter next year... I'm not sure how any gang of mortal college students is going to stop Dolodale and EZ-E comin' at 'em behind the slobs for all four quarters. The only thing that would be able to stop that attack would be injuries (lol) or complacency (much more dangerous).

J.T. BARRETT'S HIGH SCHOOL COACH RACKS THE HORNS. Y'all know the story by now: J.T. Barrett, then a four-star dual-threat QB prospect in Texas, wanted to be a Longhorn, but Mack Brown gave the offer to Tyrone Swoopes. The rest, as they say, is history.

And even though Mack Brown retired to the posh life of an ESPN gum-flapper, Barrett's coach is still out in these streets letting the Horns know the score.

From Bill Landis of

"I was, at the time, a big Texas fan,” [Marc] Bindel said. “I wasn’t really happy with the way (Barrett) got treated. I felt like they mislead him a little bit and they chose to go Tyrone Swoopes and not offer J.T. I don’t know if J.T. would have gone there had he not gotten offered, but Texas, I don’t feel like handled the situation the right way.

“They don’t have a quarterback and Ohio State has three.”

I do not weep for the Texas Longhorns. And it gives me great pleasure to know Ohio State turned a Texas high school football coach into a Buckeye fan.

RIP J.T.'S CALF MUSCLE. It looks like J.T. Barrett's scooter wasn't the only thing to pass yesterday. His calf muscle is no longer with us either...

Is there anything better than roasting your boy? I vote no.

Speaking of roasting, though, here are two guys that could be the next guard tandem:

Don't hurt 'em, Big Meechy! (I can't put my finger on why, but #BadBody slayed me.)

ARCHIE'S TAKE. Want to hear Archie Griffin talking Buckeye football? Of course you do:

Is there a school in the country with more swagger than Ohio State right now? Don't let Matta pull off a darkhorse March Madness run...

WELCOME TO THE URBTOPIA. Urban Meyer said he almost walked away from Ezekiel Elliott due to, as he told it, the meddling of his father.

These days, however, everyone seems to be on the same page:

THOSE WMDs. Kerry Coombs' hashtag game is so damn skrong... Since 1970, NFL teams win 74% of games when they out-pass opponents on per-play basis by any margin... 22 of the coolest, freakiest Wikipedia articles... Get to know Andre Miller... Dick LeBeu's ouster killed a woman... Jim Tomsula is my new favorite NFL coach, and not because he lived in a truckbed with his cat...The SEC is just a different place, y'all... Is that kid dead?

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