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By D.J. Byrnes on October 2, 2014 at 6:00 am
Darron Lee at Ohio State's 2014 media day. [Walt Keys,]

Thought this nugget was interesting, because I know James Clark and Terry McLaurin have cult followings among fans:

  • The two burners have been simulating Maryland's Stefon Diggs in practice.


CATCHING UP WITH EDWARD MEARS. Who in the blue blazes is Edward Mears? You may recognize him as this guy:

So is Mears a very lost, but helpful Ohio State fan? Not exactly; he's a Michigan law student. From Dave Briggs of The Toledo Blade:

Mears is an avowed Michigan diehard, his father an alum who raised the family on Saturdays at the Big House. He attended his first game at Michigan Stadium in 1989 — Bo Schembechler’s last year as coach — and said he has been back every year since. Even when he worked in Japan for a year after earning his undergraduate degree from Georgetown, Mears flew back for the Michigan-Michigan State game in 2008.

“I love this team and I love this school,” he said.

Fair enough, Mears. That's a terrible life-choice (as evidenced by your current predicament), but it's no skin off my back, so whatever. DO YOU.

"Until these issues are addressed, I’m not going to wear my Michigan gear. Some people were confused by the shirt, but they realized why I was doing it.”

Dave Brandon, however, already knows the score:

:( :( :(

Tired of watching the big homie Dave Brandon take it on the chin. Somebody make me feel good.

*looks at calendar* Ohhhh, poor Whitlock. I love you, but I need somebody with.... more authority:

Bacon went on to qualify this tweet (twice), but it's not stopping from reading it as THERE'S A CHANCE THESE TWO COULD BOTH SURVIVE. (I want to pinch myself.)

IF YOU INVADE THE FIELD WITH THINGS TO LOSE... you better be okay with losing those things:

One minute, you're a care-free 21-year-old mechanical engineering senior enjoying a free ride through college. The next... you're homeless after 4,900,000 people watch you take a L.

Don't be Anthony Wunder, because the viral hulk slam at the hands of a beast like Anthony Schlegel will be the least of your problems. (Don't be surprised, however, when this bro sues Ohio State for assault and gets a $10,000 payday.)

BUD FOSTER CURVES OSU'S OFFENSIVE SKILL PLAYERS. We last saw Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster bamboozling J.T. Barrett, the offensive line, and OSU's coaches in Virginia Tech's upset victory over Ohio State.

Can't say I've watched too much of North Carolina, and I'm not a professional... but I'm going to have to disagree with Foster's #take here:

Carolina is 2-2, and the Tarheels were outgunned by East Carolina and a rebuilding Clemson team. I suppose this could be #coachspeak, but it's an interesting stray for Ohio State's skill guys to catch.

Still a lot of football to be played, but I'm happy with the young guys' development thus far. (Speaking of development, Urban said Dontre Wilson gained 15 pounds this year, and he'll add another 10 before his OSU career is through.)

THE MAN THEY CALL THE BIG BEAR. Enjoy Joey Bosa while he's here, folks, because I have a better chance of suiting up for Ohio State in the fall of 2016 than he does.

Here's a quote from Bosa yesterday:

It’s why I play football: To go out there and have fun with my friends and hit the quarterback in the face.

FAIR ENOUGH, Joey. But anybody can talk about how much they love smashing the quarterback in his face (figuratively, of course). PROVE IT TO ME: 

Oh, right then. Bosa's season is truly remarkable considering he's drawing the most attention from opposing offensive lines. And they say his brother is going to be better? That's scary... for opposing offensive lines.

THE FAKE LANTERN HIT A WALK-OFF. I love Walt — seriously, go check out his brewery at 424 W. Town St. — but it looks like he'll be in a street fight to maintain his vise grip on the poster game:

 OLE MISS' EXORCISING OF REBEL SYMBOLS. For whatever reasons, some southerners cling to their imagery of an ashes-in-the-wind country that saw black people as property. That's a bit of a problem for a college football program in 2014.

Ole Miss — inexplicably the  No. 11 team in the country — plays host to No. 2 Alabama on Saturday afternoon (3:30, CBS). The school has struggled over the years ridding its football program of rebel imagery, but the payday for those efforts is en route.

From Dan Wolken of USA Today:

Beginning with a 1997 decision by former chancellor Robert Khayat to ban Confederate flags from the football stadium, Ole Miss is nearly two decades into a concerted effort to re-brand as a modern, progressive national university and put distance between the current reality and its racially troubled past.

The process, which included shutting down Colonel Reb as the official mascot and removing “From Dixie With Love” from the marching band’s set list, has often been difficult and drawn significant backlash from students and alumni who accused the school’s leadership of sacrificing sacred traditions in the name of political correctness.


“It was very painful (or fans) at the time,” said Reggie Barnes, a prominent Ole Miss graduate and booster who works at a Memphis-based investment firm. “I was probably one of the last to get on the bandwagon, but that was the thing we needed to do.”

Shoutout to all the racists down in Mississippi, who struggle every weekend to balance their love of Ole Miss football with their hatred of black people. I doubt even Sisyphus would envy y'all. 

I also get a kick out of Ole Miss' 17-year quest to exorcise its football team of Confederate imagery, and yet, they still roll with the "Rebels" nickname. 

Hopefully Alabama puts a mudhole in them, because one of my favorite images in college football is throngs of sad southern boys wearing bangs and pastel-colored clothes standing around idly as their football team gets waxed on national television.

THOSE WMDs. FBS schools are undergoing or planning football stadium renovations that total more than $3.6 billion... Yeah, the Cavs are going to be a problem... Good to know... "A Mobster, a Murder, a Moll w/ a Secret" Who killed Bugsy Siegel? An answer, 70 years later... "Trial by Twitter" The murder of a West Virginia teenager by her two best friends.

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