Real Pod Wednesdays: Ohio State’s Most Notable Recruiting Visitors This Spring and the Buckeyes’ Top Targets for the 2024 Class

By Dan Hope and Griffin Strom on March 22, 2023 at 10:10 am
Bryce West

The next three-and-a-half weeks will be some of Ohio State’s busiest weeks of the year from an on-campus recruiting perspective.

Ohio State is set to host a multitude of top targets this weekend, next weekend, during the April 15 spring game and in between, so we brought Eleven Warriors recruiting analyst Garrick Hodge on this week’s episode of Real Pod Wednesdays to help us break down which visitors you need to know about and where things stand for the Buckeyes with some of their top targets at key positions of need. (Note: This episode was recorded before Jordan Marshall announced his commitment to Michigan.)

Later in the show, Dan and Griffin talk about Ryan Day’s most notable comments from his most recent press conference, why several assistant coaches received sizable raises, Ohio State women’s basketball’s chances of upsetting UConn and the Big Ten’s continued struggles in the NCAA Tournament.

The full rundown for this week’s show:

  • 2:05: Five-stars Dylan Stewart, Bryce Underwood among Ohio State’s most notable visitors this week
  • 6:37: James Peoples, Air Noland, Charles Lester, Marcelles Williams are marquee visitors next week
  • 8:58: Jeremiah Smith, Ryan Montgomery, Miles Lockhart among spring-game week visitors of note
  • 10:08: Ohio State is the leader of the clubhouse for three top cornerback targets, but not Lester
  • 12:24: Jeremiah Smith will probably be a Buckeye as long as Brian Hartline remains at Ohio State
  • 15:23: What Marc Nave Jr. will bring to Ohio State and who could join him in the offensive line class
  • 19:18: Air Noland and Ryan Montgomery are the frontrunners to be Ohio State’s 2024 and 2025 QBs
  • 22:30: It’s too early to sound the alarm bells about Ohio State only having four 2024 commits
  • 23:15: Miles Lockhart, Sam Williams-Dixon, Armstrong twins top candidates to be Ohio State’s next commits
  • 24:16: Bryce West is the biggest must-get for Ohio State in the 2024 class
  • 26:06: We’ll learn more about the current Ohio State football team during Saturday’s first scrimmage
  • 28:20: Carson Hinzman seems to be the early frontrunner to start at center
  • 30:17: Ryan Day seems to like how things are progressing at cornerback, maybe not at right tackle
  • 33:22: Why Day said Ohio State’s QB doesn’t need to be “extraordinary” but needs an “extraordinary trait”
  • 37:48: Brian Hartline got a huge raise, but that was no surprise
  • 38:45: Tim Walton’s raise was a surprise, but that’s likely an indicator of NFL interest
  • 41:11: Justin Frye’s raise is a sign of appreciation after he wasn’t named offensive coordinator
  • 43:38: Mark Pantoni might be Ohio State’s most underpaid staffer
  • 45:58: James Laurinaitis’ salary is further proof he’s no ordinary graduate assistant
  • 48:18: Ohio State’s assistant coach salary pool shows OSU is invested in being elite in football
  • 49:30: Thrilling win over UNC sends Ohio State’s women’s basketball back to the Sweet 16
  • 51:38: Beating UConn will be a tall task, but it’s not impossible
  • 55:51: Pistol, women’s hockey, wrestling among other Ohio State sports deserving recognition
  • 58:20: The Big Ten’s NCAA Tournament struggles continue (but they might be a bit overblown this year)
  • 1:00:56: Once again, March Madness shows us a lack of size is not Ohio State’s problem
  • 1:02:18: Updated Final Four picks and second-weekend upset predictions

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