Real Pod Wednesdays: Unrest Still Surrounds Big Ten's Decision, Winter Football Looks Like the Next Step and How the Extra Year of Eligibility Will Test Scholarship Limits

By Dan Hope and Colin Hass-Hill on August 26, 2020 at 12:10 pm
Iowa and Illinois parents at the Big Ten parents' rally in Rosemont, Illinois.

It's been two weeks since the Big Ten announced it was postponing fall sports, and people are still as angry as ever that Ohio State and other schools around the conference won't be playing football this fall.

So we couldn't have started this week's episode of Real Pod Wednesdays by talking about anything but what everyone else has been talking about for the past two weeks, as unrest continues to surround the Big Ten's decision while parents send letters to commissioner Kevin Warren and organize rallies.

After that, we look ahead to the Big Ten's reported plans for a winter football season – as it appears increasingly likely the conference will try to play in January – and explain why we think a winter season would be fascinating even though it might be only a small consolation if other conferences play this fall.

We also discuss the ramifications of the NCAA giving everyone an additional year of eligibility, as we consider which Buckeyes could benefit most from an extra season but also analyze why that could create roster management issues if teams are ultimately forced to get back to the 85-scholarship limit in 2022.

Eleven Warriors recruiting analyst Zack Carpenter also joins us on this week's show for a conversation on how the season postponement has affected recruiting, whether the Buckeyes will adjust their recruiting efforts to prepare for a potential future scholarship crunch and which prospects he expects to commit to Ohio State next.

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