85 Yards and a Bowl of Soup: 1st Grader Pens Adorable Ezekiel Elliott Biography

By 11W Staff on February 19, 2017 at 10:00 am
Barrington Elementary in Upper Arlington, OH
via UA Schools

Eleven Warriors is partial to young, ambitious writers.

That's part of the reason we're so impressed with Jake Johnson of Upper Arlington, a 1st grader at Barrington Elementary. Jake chose his all-time favorite Ohio State Buckeye for a class project on writing the biography of a significant historical figure.

"Their teacher explained the assignment to them," Jake's father Matt told Eleven Warriors. "They were all told they could write about any famous person and it could be of their own choosing."

"One kid chose Stephen Hawking. Another took Harriett Tubman. Pocahontas. Jakey chose Zeke."


Outline for Jake's Zeke Elliott biography project. The last line is about Zeke's TD celebration eating soup.

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It reads (sic'd throughout - his future editor will clean this up; that's what they do):

He was the person that ran the 85 yard run vs Alamama in the shuger bowl they won that game 42-35 to go to the champianchip game. He was a very good football player for ohio state and the Dallas and his celebraceon eat'in soup.

Merchandise has already been made to commemorate both his 85-yard run as well as his penchant for invisible soup, and now both have been canonized by an author too young to remember Zeke's perilous recruitment, first commitment and re-commitment to Ohio State.

Jake only re-tells the important parts, and while that makes the tale less harrowing it does capture the joy Zeke brings to our favorite sport. Eleven Warriors has fact-checked the assignment and found all of the claims within Jake's Zeke biography to be accurate, so now all he needs to do now is publish and collect royalties. 

Congratulations in advance, young Hemingway. Go Bucks.

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