Buckeye B-@-tle Cry: A Season of Frustration Melted Away As Ohio State Annihilated Michigan

By David Regimbal on November 26, 2018 at 9:35 am
Terry McLaurin and Co.
Eleven Warriors

Every week, Eleven Warriors will dive into the mentions of Ohio State's coaches and players to bring you the #HotTakes and ramblings of Buckeye Nation. This week, we're basking in the glow of Ohio State's 62-39 demolition of Michigan.

This was supposed to be Michigan's year.

After its season-opening loss to Notre Dame, Jim Harbaugh's squad methodically morphed itself into a playoff contender with 10 consecutive wins. The Wolverines boasted the nation's No. 1 defense and finally had their quarterback. 

Meanwhile, Ohio State was clawing its way through one of the most head-scratching seasons in recent memory. The Buckeyes boasted an identical 10-1 record coming into the weekend, but entered The Game as home underdogs for the first time in 14 years.

That set the stage for Michigan's complete undoing. The Buckeyes did whatever they wanted to that top-ranked defense, piling up 567 total yards and a series/school-high 62 points in a 23-point victory that wasn't nearly that close.

If I could summarize the game with just one tweet, it'd be this one:

Football is good, actually.

So too were the vibes on Twitter. Let's get to the mentions.

@ Urban Meyer

Yes please conjure that Bowling Green mojo for the greatest rivalry in college football.

Okay, it wasn't all roses in the ole' mentions this week. When Ohio State wasn't up multiple scores by the second drive, some fans got anxious because patience is a fallacy. 

Stop using the most prolific quarterback in school (and now) Big Ten history! 

I get your point, but what strange phrasing.

I honestly have no idea what this means, or why it was tweeted at Meyer during the second quarter of this game.

Oh Jay, I think he got the memo.

Or maybe he just looks stressed in stressful situations. Weird how that works.

Someone doesn't know what an RPO is. Kyle sounds like me when I try to talk to my nephews about Fortknife.

Man y'all wanted blood. There were no fewer than a dozen calls for a late two-point conversion attempt.

My dude right here actually signs his tweets and honestly, that's the most baller thing I've ever seen.

That is a sensational gif.

@ Ryan Day

Ohio State's offensive coordinator painted a masterpiece against Michigan. I want it framed and hung in every room in my house.

None of these people are invited to my masterpiece-hanging party.

Mmm yes, these are my people.

Nick get your greedy Trojan paws off this man.

@ Dwayne Haskins

Ohio State's redshirt sophomore quarterback put a bow on his historic season with an incredible 430 total yards and six touchdowns against the Wolverines. 

The Buckeyes picked on Michigan's third corner, Brandon Watson, all game long. That poor kid will need years of counseling.

The offensive line played its best game of the season and deserve a ton of credit for keeping the pocket clean.


I saw that. And loved it.

Can confirm that it was indeed great.

Seasonal humor is always good.


This was basically me the entire game.

@ Parris Campbell

Parris Campbell had the game of his life, hauling in six catches for a career-high 192 yards and two touchdowns. Buckeye fans celebrated with him.

He's still running.

Absolutely it does.

We'll see y'all next week in Indianapolis. 

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