Revisiting the Worst National Signing Day 'Comic'

By D.J. Byrnes on February 5, 2015 at 11:57 am

Detroit Cass Tech running back Mike Weber was one of the midwest's most intriguing storlyines on National Signing Day. Most fans know the story by now: Weber was originally a Wolverine pledge before decommitting last fall before committing to UM's perennial bully, Ohio State.

And then Jim Harbaugh, Super Bowl loser, descended from the NFL heavens. Would Mike Weber flip to Michigan? According to Michigan media members with subscriptions to push, that answer was "oh hell yeah, brother."

So, it was of no surprise yesterday when a lot of Michigan fans woke up feeling good about their chances. In fact, thanks to 11W reader BuckNutChicago, we now have a capsule of how at least one Michigan Man viewed the affair:

Mmmmmmmmm, that's the stuff. 

Allow me to break this "comic" down for my Buckeye brethen who may be too simple to understand: Michigan fans, represented by the milquetoast #dad wearing a hat and a hoodie, would be cool and chill if Weber went to Ohio State.

On the other side of the equation is us, Ohio State fans, who are dumb, bad, have messed up teeth, and spend 80% of our disposable income on tattoos — which are also dumb and bad. We're also obese, which... well, you get the point.

Since we now know where Weber ended up, let's turn to Twitter to see how that milquetoast dad actually reacted to being spurned by a #teen:

(Brian Kinne even looks like a living embodiment of the dad from the Michigan Man comic.)

*throws HAZMAT suit into a dumpster behind the nearest Papa John's* Wow, I tell ya... that really makes you think, especially after being told, by a Michigan Man, that Michigan Men are above this kind of petty abuse. (And this is all stuff people are comfortable putting on social media. Imagine what Weber's dealing with in real life.)

But don't fret, Michigan fans, you weren't 100% embarrassed on the day. Allow some of your more sensible fans to show your idiots how it's done:

In the mean time, I'll be over here drinking this tea until the spring game.

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