Hot Off The Press: Rose Bowl Game Poster

By Walt Keys on December 29, 2021 at 2:15 pm
Brutus pays for not being a Good Samaritan these past 10 years in this week's game poster.

Brutus pays for not being a Good Samaritan these past 10 years in this week's game poster.

Brutus pays for not bering a Good Samaritan these past ten years in this week's game poster.

Here it is, the final poster. I always wanted to finish this 10-year project off with a riff on some famous ending. I considered Twin Peaks, There Will Be Blood, and the Last Waltz, but felt that the Seinfeld gang getting their comeuppance for years of hijinks dovetailed nicely with Brutus' curtain call as poster prankster.

These past 10 seasons have been a ton of fun. Sometimes the concepts came easily, sometimes I was scrambling on Tuesday night—or Wednesday morning—and at least once I thought OSU was on a bye and completely forgot about it.

Anyway, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Jason and the crew of Eleven Warriors through the years for letting me put these goofy things together, as well as a very humble "thank you" to everyone who's ever told me they print these things out and hang them in their basement, office or nursery.

I often get asked which posters are my favorite, so I'll leave y'all with my top 7. Go Bucks!  

Walt's Top 7 Posters

Oh, here's one more... (*Updated with record to reflect the Rose Bowl win over Utah - 1/3/2022*)

Every Poster Poster

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