2024 NFL Scouting Combine Central: Measurables, Workout Results and Updates from Ohio State’s Eight Draft Prospects in Indianapolis

By Dan Hope on February 28, 2024 at 6:00 pm
Josh Proctor
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State has eight players at the NFL Scouting Combine for the second year in a row.

Projected top-five overall pick Marvin Harrison Jr. headlines a group of eight players from Ohio State’s 2023 roster who are participating in this week’s NFL draft showcase in Indianapolis. Running back Miyan Williams, tight end Cade Stover, guard Matt Jones, defensive tackle Mike Hall, linebackers Steele Chambers and Tommy Eichenberg and safety Josh Proctor are the other Buckeyes who received invites to this year’s combine.

Eichenberg and Chambers were the first Buckeyes to go through on-field workouts on Thursday. Chambers finished with the fastest time among linebackers who participated in the 20-yard shuttle (4.23 seconds) and tied for the fastest time (7.13 seconds) among the three linebackers who ran the 3-cone drill. Eichenberg had the second-fastest time (4.24 seconds) among linebackers who ran the 20-yard shuttle.

Chambers and Eichenberg did not run the 40-yard dash on Thursday but participated in all other on-field drills. Hall did not participate in any on-field workouts with the defensive linemen due to a hamstring injury.

Proctor became the first Buckeye to run the 40-yard dash at this year’s combine on Friday, completing that drill in an official time of 4.55 seconds as part of a full on-field workout. Stover followed that up by running a 4.65-second 40 while going through a full on-field workout of his own.

Harrison was scheduled to meet with the media Friday, but he chose not to participate in his scheduled interview session. The two-time All-American is not scheduled to participate in on-field workouts either.

Williams participated in media interviews Friday but will be unable to go through on-field workouts Saturday because he is recovering from knee surgery.

Jones is the final Buckeye going through the combine process, working out Sunday after meeting with media Saturday.

The full schedule for this week’s activities:

2024 NFL Combine Schedule for Ohio State Draft Prospects
Day Workouts Media Interviews
Wednesday None LB Steele Chambers, 9 a.m.
LB Tommy Eichenberg, 9:20 a.m.
DT Mike Hall, 10 a.m.
Thursday 3-8:30 p.m., NFL Network
DT Mike Hall (Group 1)*
LBs Steele Chambers and Tommy Eichenberg (Group 3)
S Josh Proctor, 9:30 a.m.
TE Cade Stover, 10:30 a.m.
Friday 3-8:30 p.m., NFL Network
S Josh Proctor (Group 5)
TE Cade Stover (Group 6)
WR Marvin Harrison Jr., 8:20 a.m.**
RB Miyan Williams, 10:40 a.m.
Saturday 1-8:30 p.m., NFL Network
RB Miyan Williams (Group 7)*
WR Marvin Harrison Jr. (Group 8)*
G Matt Jones, 10 a.m.
Sunday 1-4:30 p.m., NFL Network
G Matt Jones (Group 10)
*Did not work out
**Did not meet with media

Each combine participant w offiascially measured by combine staff before going through their on-field workouts. You can find all of the Buckeyes’ weigh-in and workout results in the table below.

Results for Buckeyes at 2024 NFL Scouting Combine
Player Ht Wt Hand Arm Wing 40 Vert Broad 3-Cone 20-Yd Shuttle Bench
MIYAN WILLIAMS (RB) 5’8 1/2” 229 9” 28 5/8” 69 5/8” DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP
MARVIN HARRISON JR. (WR) 6’3 1/4” 209 9 1/2” 31 7/8” 77 1/4” DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP
CADE STOVER (TE) 6'3 7/8" 247 9 3/4" 32 3/4" 77 1/4" 4.65 34.5” 9’8” DNP 4.45 DNP
MATT JONES (OL) 6’3 1/2” 316 9” 32 5/8” 80 1/2” 5.21 28” 8’7” 8.19 DNP DNP
MIKE HALL (DT) 6’2 3/4” 290 10” 33 1/2” 81 1/8” DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP
STEELE CHAMBERS (LB) 6’0 3/4” 226 9 1/4” 30 1/2” 73 5/8” DNP 33.5” 9’4” 7.13 4.23 DNP
TOMMY EICHENBERG (LB) 6’2” 233 9 1/4” 31 5/8” 77 1/8” DNP 32.5” 9’8” DNP 4.24 DNP
JOSH PROCTOR (S) 6'1 1/2" 199 8 3/4" 32" 78" 4.55 32.5̦” 10’1” DNP DNP DNP

Below, you’ll be able to find all of our interview videos from the NFL Scouting Combine as they are posted, as well as additional workout updates and links to all of our stories from the week.


Miyan Williams

Cade Stover

Josh Proctor

Mike Hall

Steele Chambers

Tommy Eichenberg

Former Ohio State/Notre Dame DE Javontae Jean-Baptiste

Former Ohio State/Texas CB Ryan Watts

(Notes: Marvin Harrison Jr. did not participate in his scheduled interview session on Friday. Eleven Warriors was unable to attend the final day of combine interviews Saturday, when Matt Jones had his interview session.)


Jones Runs 5.21

Matt Jones
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Matt Jones was the final Buckeye to work out at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday, posting an official time of 5.21 seconds in the 40-yard dash, tied for 31st out of 49 offensive linemen. He also recorded a 28-inch vertical jump (tied for 33rd out of 53 offensive linemen), an 8-foot-7 broad jump (41st out of 50), an 8.19-second 3-cone drill (27th out of 28) and went through a full slate of offensive line drills.

Stover Runs 4.65

Cade Stover
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Cade Stover ran the 40-yard dash in an official time of 4.65 seconds, ranking seventh among 11 tight ends who ran the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Stover also posted a 34 1/2-inch vertical jump (sixth out of 10 tight ends), a 9-foot-9 broad jump (tied for eighth out of 10 tight ends) and a 4.45-second 20-yard shuttle (sixth out of seven tight ends).

The former Ohio State tight end – who passionately defended his blocking ability during his interview session in Indianapolis on Thursday – put both his receiving and blocking ability on display during position drills.

Proctor Runs 4.55Josh Proctor

Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Josh Proctor was the first Buckeye to run the 40-yard dash at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, posting an official time of 4.55 seconds. His time tied for the 10th-fastest among 19 safeties who ran, putting him squarely in the middle of the pack at the position.

The Ohio State safety also posted a 32.5-inch vertical jump (tied for 16th out of 20 safeties) and a 10-foot-1 broad jump (13th out of 20). Perhaps most importantly, Proctor looked smooth in position drills, demonstrating his ability to make plays on the ball.

Miyan Was Ready to Move OnMiyan Williams

Miyan Williams will be unable to work out for NFL scouts before the draft after undergoing cartilage replacement surgery in his right knee in January. Even so, Williams decided to forgo his two remaining years of collegiate eligibility and enter the 2024 NFL draft because he felt like it was time for him to move on from college.

“I was just like finished with college,” Williams said Friday. “I've been there four years. It was a great four years at Ohio State. So I just felt like it was just time.”

Williams never considered transferring from OSU to another school, saying he was “locked in since day one” with Ohio State.

Six Years at OSU Prepared Proctor for NFLJosh Proctor

Trevor Ruszkowski – USA TODAY Sports

While Josh Proctor was at Ohio State twice as long as he originally expected, he believes his six years as a Buckeye have made him much more prepared to play in the NFL.

“It helped me mature. Helped me learn, helped me grow in different aspects in life,” Proctor said. “So honestly, it's just a great opportunity to be a better person, a better player at the end of the day.”

No Media for Marv

Marvin Harrison Jr.

In an uncharacteristic move, Marvin Harrison Jr. skipped his scheduled interview session at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday. While no specific reason for his absence was provided by the NFL, Harrison had already chosen not to participate in combine workouts and went through the measurement process earlier than the rest of the wide receivers.

Harrison was still in Indianapolis on Friday to go through medical exams and interview with NFL teams, meeting with nine of them according to fellow former Ohio State receiver Cris Carter.

Miyan Williams was the only Buckeye to meet with the media on Friday. Matt Jones will be the final Buckeye to be participate in media interviews at this year’s combine on Saturday.

Chambers Tops Charts in Agility Drills

Steele Chambers
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Steele Chambers had the fastest time among five linebackers who ran the 20-yard shuttle (4.23 seconds) and tied for the fastest time among three linebackers who ran the 3-cone drill (7.13 seconds) at the combine. Tommy Eichenberg posted the second-fastest time in the 20-yard shuttle (4.24).

Both linebackers participated in every on-field drill except the 40-yard dash. They were the first two Buckeyes to go through on-field workouts in Indianapolis as Mike Hall did not work out with the defensive linemen due to a hamstring injury.

Stover Happy He Made TE MoveCade Stover at the NFL Scouting Combine

Cade Stover is happy he took Ryan Day’s advice by moving to tight end at Ohio State and is confident he’s ready to play the position in the NFL.

He bristled at the notion that he struggled as a blocker at Ohio State, saying he thinks that’s a “misconception.”

“I'm here to tell you ol’ PPF or PFF, whatever the hell it is, they don't know my scheme,” Stover said.

Downs Made Big Impression on Bama DBsTerrion Arnold celebrating with Caleb Downs

Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

Alabama’s defensive backs at the NFL Scouting Combine had huge praise for Caleb Downs. Kool-Aid McKinstry said Downs would be one of his two picks to be on the cover of EA Sports’ new college football video game while Jaylen Key predicted that Downs will be a future top-five NFL draft pick.

“He's a guy that’s probably generational,” Key said. “His maturity level is through the roof. He's more mature than a lot of sophomores, juniors, probably seniors I've seen throughout my whole career. He's a dog, and mentally, he's already prepared to be in the NFL.”

Proctor, Eichenberg Like Styles at LBSonny Styles

Josh Proctor and Tommy Eichenberg believe Sonny Styles could make a natural transition to linebacker this offseason, given his size and versatility.

“Sonny's probably gonna be a linebacker. He keeps putting on weight,” Proctor said with a laugh. “I feel like he’d be comfortable there. He’s a physical guy. He’s smart. He knows the game. He knows everybody’s spot on the defense. Anywhere you can put him, he’ll get the job done.”

Becoming Father Drove Hall’s DecisionMike Hall

Mike Hall entered the 2024 NFL draft because he wanted to do what’s best for his family following the birth of his son in September, and he’s confident he’s ready for the next level.

“It definitely weighed, but just got to do what's best for my family and feed my family first,” Hall said of his decision to enter the draft.

A “Very, Very Hard” End for EichenbergTommy Eichenberg

Tommy Eichenberg felt like he “let a lot of people down” as he was only able to play in one of Ohio State’s final four games in his final season, in which Ohio State suffered a third straight loss to Michigan, due to a dislocated elbow.

“It was very, very hard for me,” Eichenberg said.

Chambers, Eichenberg Endorse LaurinaitisSteele Chambers

Steele Chambers and Tommy Eichenberg said they learned “a lot” from James Laurinaitis in their final year at Ohio State, and Chambers described Laurinaitis’ promotion as “much deserved.”

“He's a great guy. He obviously was a hell of a player back in the day. But he's an even better person,” Chambers said of Laurinaitis.

Opportunity for OSU’s Less Heralded ProspectsMike Hall

While Marvin Harrison Jr. would have had little to gain by working out at the NFL Scouting Combine, the same is not true for the rest of Ohio State’s combine invitees. Each of Ohio State’s other seven combine participants could bolster their draft stock if they perform well in Indianapolis.

Marv Won’t Work Out at CombineMarvin Harrison Jr.

Already projected to be the first non-quarterback selected in this year’s draft, Marvin Harrison Jr. has reportedly decided not to work out at the NFL Scouting Combine. He is not expected to work out at Ohio State’s pro day, either, as he is focusing on continuing to develop his football skills rather than training for combine drills.

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