Ohio State Celebrates Win over Penn State with Cinematic Recap, Response to Defensive Critics

By Dan Hope on October 24, 2023 at 10:03 pm

Still celebrating Ohio State’s top-10 win over Penn State? Then you‘ll probably enjoy Ohio State’s cinematic recap of the game.

Ohio State released a six-minute recap of the Buckeyes’ 20-12 win over the Nittany Lions on Tuesday night, highlighting the game’s most memorable moments while also featuring behind-the-scenes footage of pregame, halftime and postgame speeches inside the locker room.

Ohio State’s offense, defense and special teams were all featured in that video as Marvin Harrison Jr. talked about his big game, Cody Simon and Josh Proctor discussed the defense‘s dominant performance and Jesse Mirco‘s 72-yard punt and Carnell Tate’s onside kick recovery were also highlighted as two pivotal plays in the Buckeyes’ eventual victory.

In a separate video, Ohio State also fired back at those who questioned the legitimacy of the Buckeyes’ defense before Saturday’s game.

In an article released by The Athletic last week, several opposing coaches were anonymously quoted as thinking the Buckeyes’ defense was unspectacular. One assistant coach as who faced Ohio State earlier this year was quoted as saying “Defensively, it’s not like they are stacked with dudes”; another was quoted as saying “Their safeties and corners are actually average, maybe even below average.”

That certainly didn’t appear to be the case on Saturday as the Buckeyes held Penn State to only one touchdown and one just third-down conversion on 16 attempts, and Ohio State’s media team kept the receipts.

“I told you once, I’m gonna tell you again: BIA is back,” Proctor said in that video.

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