Press Coverage: Ohio State Confident Ahead of Top-10 Matchup with Notre Dame, But Ryan Day Isn't Giving Any Secrets Away

By Dan Hope and Andy Anders on September 19, 2023 at 3:05 pm

Ohio State coach Ryan Day and Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman both appeared cautiously optimistic at their press conferences this week.

Both feel their team is prepared for their upcoming top-10 matchup Saturday in South Bend, and both have said they plan to coach aggressively. Beyond that, neither coach wanted to give much away in terms of their game plans for each other, which is to be expected ahead of a game of this magnitude. 

From Ohio State's side, Day has been confident in the growth of both the offensive line and quarterback Kyle McCord, and expects both to fare well on Saturday. He also expressed confidence in the defense and mentioned that many of the players on that side of the ball have experience playing in big games.

Freeman, meanwhile, showed his maturation as a head coach during Monday’s press conference at Notre Dame, which gave Ohio State no bulletin-board material, a change from a year ago when he angered fans of his alma mater with comments about OSU’s academic rigor compared to Notre Dame.

Eleven Warriors’ Dan Hope and Andy Anders discuss all of those topics on this week’s episode of Press Coverage, which you can watch in the video above.

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