Friday Night Trivia: Test Your Knowledge of Notre Dame and Ohio State’s History Against the Fighting Irish

By Matt Gutridge on September 22, 2023 at 6:15 pm
Notre Dame leprechaun
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Put on your thinking caps and grab a drink, it's time for Friday Night Trivia.

Eleven Warriors is home to the most knowledgeable Buckeye fans on the planet. It is now time for you to prove it. 

We’ll put together a 10-question quiz each week to test your knowledge of Ohio State football and its upcoming opponent. This week, we see how much you know about Notre Dame as the Buckeyes head to Notre Dame Stadium for the first time since 1996.

There are two simple rules: Please use your brain (not a search engine) and only play once.

Note: After you answer all of the questions, you must click on "Finish Quiz" to see your results.


Western Kentucky Report Card

The correct answers from last week’s quiz and the percentage of participants who got each question correct can be found in the table below.

Western Kentucky Trivia Answers
1 Ohio State last played a team from Kentucky in 1992. Who did the Buckeyes play? Louisville 66%
2 What is the name of Western Kentucky’s mascot? Big Red 87%
3 Which former Ohio State wide receiver plays for Western Kentucky? Blue Smith 81%
4 Western Kentucky QB Austin Reed led the FBS with 4,744 passing yards last season. Who is the only Ohio State QB to throw for that many yards in a season? Dwayne Haskins 84%
5 How many players from Kentucky does Ohio State have on its current roster? 0 38%
6 What longtime NFL head coach, defensive coordinator and five-time Super Bowl winner is a former player and graduate of Western Kentucky? Romeo Crennel 30%
7 Which Big Ten coach started his coaching career as an unpaid assistant at Western Kentucky? Jim Harbaugh 28%
8 Can you identify the famous horror movie director of Halloween and The Thing who graduated from Western Kentucky? John Carpenter 52%
9 Which team from Conference USA does Ohio State have the largest margin of victory against? Marshall 27%
10 Can you identify the last non-Power 5 school Ohio State lost to? Air Force 43%

Overall, the correct answer was the most selected answer by the Eleven Warriors community on seven out of 10 questions. On three questions, one incorrect answer received more votes than the correct answer.

  • 31% of contestants thought Dick LeBeau was the NFL head coach, defensive coordinator and five-time Super Bowl Champion that played and graduated from Western Kentucky.
  • 49% went with James Franklin as the Big Ten coach who started his coaching career as an unpaid assistant at Western Kentucky.
  • 40% of contestants chose UAB as the Conference USA team Ohio State had the largest margin of victory against. 
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