Chris Spielman's Big Ten Championship Ring Sells for $12,000 in Auction, All Proceeds Going to Those Impacted by COVID-19

By Kevin Harrish on April 4, 2020 at 12:02 pm
The ring.

Chris Spielman continues to be a hero amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The legendary Buckeye linebacker decided to auction off some of his own gear and memorabilia to raise money for those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and one particular item has already raised a hefty chunk of change.

Spielman sold his personal 1984 Big Ten championship ring this week with the auction closing at an eye-popping $12,000  – every cent of which will be donated to those affected by the coronavirus.

Spielman's goal is to raise $40,000 so that he's able to give away $1,000 for the next 40 weeks, and he's well on his way.

Spielman also sold an autographed, game-worn Buffalo Bills jersey for $1,125 as well as his personal 1994 All-Madden Team leather jacket for $2,565.

He's now selling an autographed, game-worn Detriot Lions jersey and pants set packaged with his 1994 Pro Bowl watch. With just over two days to go in the bidding, Spielman has already received a bid for $2,500.

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