Urban Meyer Reflects on the Ohio State vs. Michigan Rivalry, Calling His 7-0 Record His Greatest Coaching Accomplishment

By Kevin Harrish on November 25, 2019 at 9:32 pm
Urban Meyer talks Michigan.

Urban Meyer never lost to Michigan during his time as Ohio State's head coach, retiring with a perfect 7-0 record against the Wolverines.

As the ultimate Wolverine slayer, he has some authority as we head into rivalry week.

Meyer sat down with 10TV's Dom Tiberi to talk about The Game from all angles, including his favorite memories, his preparation and his level of respect for his rival.

As for his perfect record against Michigan as Ohio State's head coach, Meyer called that his greatest accomplishment as a coach, even over his national titles.

"Oh, it's No. 1," Meyer said. "I was raised that you could lose all games but never lose that game. Now, obviously that's not true anymore, that's really never been true. But I was brainwashed. I was in that Woody Hayes Era – that was the enemy."

"That's not a big game, that's not a big week. That's part of life," Meyer said.

Meyer called the preparation for The Game "nonstop," explaining that Ohio State followed every prospect Michigan recruit, that he would coordinate videos about the history of the rivalry and hold meetings specifically about Michigan, and that the wold have a 10-minute window in every spring practice specifically dedicated to the Wolverines.

As for his favorite Michigan memories, Meyer said the 2016 double-overtime game was the hardest game he ever coached in his life, but the 2018 win was probably his favorite, partially because he felt disrespected due to Michigan's "Revenge Tour" shirts and Karan Higdon's guarantee of victory.

"When I saw one of their players guarantee a win, I can't believe I watched that," Meyer said.

Meyer said they even considered trying to add another touchdown – and going for two.

For Meyer, The Game was never just another game. He said he couldn't even stomach the thought of potentially losing one year.

"I'm man enough to tell you that I was horrified of losing that game," Meyer said. "I am not sure what would have happened had we lost that game. ... I just can't imagine losing."

As for this year, Meyer's going to be onsite, as an analyst instead of a coach. But his loyalty is unchanged.

"I just want the Buckeyes to win," Meyer said.

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