Read Along As Michigan Men Confront the Reality That Ohio State is Scary Good This Season

By 11W Staff on April 18, 2019 at 7:40 am
Michigan Man is freaking out over Ohio State

Ohio State, as you may have heard, is 5–0 and playing like the best team in the country. This makes Buckeye fans happy. Michigan fans? Not so much.

Follow along as Wolverine fans confront the what Ohio State football looks like in 2019 while watching the Bucks trample Nebraska, 48-7.

Not long after Ohio State corner Jeff Okudah intercepted Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez on the Cornhusker's opening drive, one Michigan Man wondered where the Buckeyes find their cornerbacks:

How the hell does Ohio State keep reloading with these 1st round CBs?!

Roby, Apple, Ward, Lattimore and now Okudah looks like a lockdown too.

He was quickly set straight:

It’s called putting effort in recruiting the best players.

When Justin Fields scored on a 15-yard run to stake the Buckeyes to an early 7-0 lead, there were cries of injustice:

It’s a joke that Fields is eligible this year.

Then, reason prevailed, Shea Patterson is a thing that exists:

It’s bullshit that our transfer QB had to sit and their’s gets to play immediately. Oh, yeah...never mind.

Ohio State made it 14-0 over Nebraska and despair starts to set in:

Watching OSU they just look far and away better than us ... I’m not sure how they can plug and play any QB while we aren’t able to find one

And astute observations:

I know the talk of OSU has been their offense but their D has been playing elite, MUCH better than last year.

More despair:

Not sure OSU will be challenged this season before the playoffs.

Maybe Wisconsin? Maybe PSU? Maybe a Michigan playing out of their minds? Not confident in any of that.

Okudah hauls in an interception on his back to kill Nebraska's third drive and our friends from up north can hardly believe it:

What in the actual f— was that.

OSU is a f—ing machine dudes, this is not even fair

We're midway through the second quarter now and Ohio State leads Nebraska 24-0. Take it away, Michigan Man:

OSU is just insanely good. I'm not looking forward to that game, feels like it won't be much of a game.

Ohio State goes up 31-0 in the first half thanks to a Master Teague rushing touchdown:

Teague is really getting it done for OSU. Dobbins gets more attention but Teague is a beast.

If you look at OSU's long runs plays its almost always because they have their receivers making ongoing, effective blocks downfield. The attention to detail on this team is amazing.

The Buckeyes make it 38-0 in the first half and Michigan Man is citing space operas:

Every Death Star has a weakness.  Anakin (Mattison) may have switched over to the dark side... I have faith in the light side of the college football force.  In Ann Arbor, Obi-Wan (Don Brown) will show the traitor the error of his ways.

At the half, the natives wonder what would happen if Michigan played Nebraska in prime time:

It's not even that OSU is LIGHT YEARS ahead of us in every single facet of the game of football... 

It's the fact that if Michigan walked into Nebraska for a prime time ABC game, Nebraska more than likely would look like a powerhouse against us.


Ah, the old “if their coach would just leave” appeal:

Just hope Ryan Day goes back to the NFL after this season. Our only hope literally just comes from hoping OSU's current coach leaves.

It never works.

More reckoning…

OSU just looks unstoppable.  Almost everything they do works and works well.  They have an answer for everything you try to do.  They adjust on the fly very well.  The coaching ability is evident, the talent is evident.  They're getting good players too.

Meanwhile Michigan looks pretty much the opposite against any team with a pulse.  And I don't mean this as an insult to our players, but seems like the coaches are spending too much time trying to polish turds into diamonds instead of recruiting better players and developing them. 

One Michigan Man wonders what a lot of us have been wondering recently:

What was Georgia thinking not giving Fields the starting job last year? Fromm is good, but Fields is elite. OSU is lucky to have him, particularly with immediate eligibility. He makes them a CFP team. I would say Michigan has a chance because.... rivalry.... but it really hasn't been a rivalry the past 15 years.

Yes, this is a great shirt:

Last year I saw a guy with a shirt in red and gray with the shape of Ohio on it that said " We don't have back ups, just more starters"...I don't know if I've ever seen a tshirt that had a more truthful statement on it in my life. ever...

Some prefer to see the bright side of things:

we can all take heart with one thing regarding ohio - sparty visits them next week and i suspect ohio will put sparty in the wood chipper....

Others, not so much:

What pisses me off is they were supposed to fall down to earth. Those bastards went 13-1 last year, won the BIG and the Rose Bowl. Their idiot fans complained like they were 8-4 because the D sucked. They went 13 and f—ing 1!  The D now looks like the 85 Bears, and the first time HC looks like Dabo. The damn QB who was supposed to struggle with accuracy is a damn monster. They replaced 4 starters on the OL and they absolutely maul people. I’m crestfallen over this shit. I hate them so damn much. Shockingly, [Mattison] is still elite when given NFL guys at every position.

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