10 Reasons to Hate Michigan State

By Jake Anderson on November 9, 2018 at 7:25 pm
Lewerke passes out of his own end zone against the Silver Bullets.

10.) Le’Veon Bell

The 2012 Michigan State running back has caused quite the scene recently. His hold-out, whether it is the correct or incorrect decision, has made him a controversial figure and daily talking point. He deserves whatever deal he is about to sign but has upset a number of fans.

However way you feel about his decision to hold-out, it is no question that he has made the situation worse. His constant talking on social media, failure to communicate with the team, and vacationing in Miami has painted him into the bad guy. 

9.) Michigan State Started the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 Americans in Southeast Asia. Our founder Jason has found evidence that it is all Michigan States' fault. 

I am not here to get political, but this sounds pretty legit. Michigan State gained nothing from this endeavor and the actions of this expedition damaged American-Vietnamese relations. 

8.) The State of Michigan

Michigan State, for those who might be unaware, is in Michigan. Just occupying the same airspace as that awful maize-and-blue school is enough to be disliked, but the audacity to be affiliated with the name "Michigan" is even worse. 

Everybody now! 

7.) Spartans

I understand that Michigan State plays tough football, but that does not mean the program is at all similar to the ancient Spartans. I mean, have you ever seen 300? Those dudes are freaks.

The ancient Spartans are seen as some of the fiercest soldiers in the history of combat. Comparing their phalanx to any unit on a football team is disrespectful. Spartans literally had an army of 300 and hired 700 others (that later surrendered #weak) and went up against an army of over 100,000 (!!!) for five days. 

Yeah, talk to me when Brian Lewerke can replicate that

6.) Dantonio can Control the Weather

Michigan State is a smashmouth program that still uses a fullback. Ohio State prefers a balanced offense and, this year especially, likes to throw the ball downfield. 

Dantonio knows this and subsequently controls the weather to favor the home team. 

Weather at Kickoff in East Lansing 
Year Temperature (F) Wind (MPH)
2014 39
2016 38 22
2018 36 (Proj.) 22 (Proj.)

While Ohio State has won these games (and many, many more in East Lansing), Dantonio's sabotage just goes to show the despicable lengths the man will go to win. In a way, I admire it. In another, I hate it. 

5.) All the Ohio Two and Three-Star Prospects that Do Not Get Offered by Ohio State and go to Michigan State

Mark Dantonio has built his team with a chip on its shoulder. He represents this belief but also recruits players with a similar mindset. Players like Joe Bachie. 

Bachie was a three-star linebacker from Cleveland and is now seen as one of the best linebackers in the country. I am not sure anyone in the nation would put an Ohio State backer in the same discussion. 

Michigan State has 29 Ohio natives on its roster. While this pales in comparison to the Buckeyes' 52, it is easily one of the most popular recruiting states for the Spartans. 

4.) Mark Dantonio

A coach that refuses to conform, Dantonio has run the same offense and defense for the past ten years. The run-stopping extraordinaire has a history of being blunt and petty. At a coaching conference a couple of years ago, he interrupted a Michigan assistant to boast about Michigan State.

More recently, Harbaugh and Dantonio recently exchanged a war of words that carried over to the field and after the game. Think what you want about Dantonio, but if Harbaugh is calling you and your program "bush-league", it must be pretty bad. 

Dantonio has held back this week, throwing only complimentary words to the Ohio State program. 

3.) Nick Saban

The spawn of Satan himself.

Saban got his second head coaching gig at Michigan State, going 34-24 over five seasons in East Lansing. From there, he bounced to LSU, the Miami Dolphins, and finally, Alabama.

His tenure ended in just one season that resulted in more than seven wins and gave the Spartans three losses in bowl games. His time with Michigan State was highlighted by two huge upsets over Ohio State, which adds even more fuel to the inferno of hate for Nick Saban.

Words really cannot describe the immense distaste I have for Saban and through the associative property of addition and subtraction, Michigan State. 

2.) Connor Cook

Never. Forget.

“He apologized right aft-” blah blah blah whatever. Cook was a mediocre quarterback and class-A jerk. You do not see players from Ohio State or --dare I say it?-- Michigan disrespect a well-meaning legend. 

Listen, I talked a little smack about Le’Veon above but he NEVER disrespected a college football legend. Furthermore, at least Bell has earned the multi-million dollar NFL contract he is about to sign.

1.) Sparty Loves to Play Spoiler

1998. 2013. 2015. All three of these seasons have been ruined by Michigan State.

Ohio State has dominated Michigan State for the vast majority of their matchups but the Spartans love to come out of nowhere and hit the Buckeyes where it hurts.

In 1998, Saban and his Spartans marched into Ohio Stadium and beat the top-ranked Buckeyes 28-24 to end their national title hopes. 

In 2013, a two-touchdown fourth quarter by Michigan State led them to a 34-24 win in the Big Ten Championship game. 

I think we all remember 2015 and that stupid kicker. 

Michigan State always finds a way to play their best football (well, except last year) against Ohio State. Let's hope the Buckeyes come ready to play tomorrow morning. 

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