Zach Smith Pleads Guilty to Reduced Charge of Disorderly Conduct

By Dan Hope on October 23, 2018 at 8:36 pm
Zach Smith

Former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct stemming from his May citation for criminal trespassing, according to Delaware Municipal Court records.

Smith pleaded guilty to a violation of Ohio Revised Code 2917.11B2, which states the following:

(B) No person, while voluntarily intoxicated, shall do either of the following:

(2) Engage in conduct or create a condition that presents a risk of physical harm to the offender or another, or to the property of another.

Stadium's Brett McMurphy reported that Courtney Smith was also awarded a three-year protection order against Zach.

Zach Smith responded to McMurphy's report on Twitter, saying that he requested a mutual protection order.

Courtney's attorney, Julia Leveridge, said in a statement on Wednesday that the protection order was not "mutual."

"Yesterday, Zach Smith, Courtney Smith’s ex-husband, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct in Delaware County Municipal Court. In addition, Mr. Smith signed a Consent Agreement and Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order, intended to protect the petitioner, Courtney Smith, for three years. Contrary to some media reports, this Order of Protection is not 'mutual,'" Leveridge wrote in her statement. "Ms. Smith reached this agreement as it provides her with the protection she is seeking and is in the best interest of the couple’s two young children. Ms. Smith firmly believes that a public trial would have had a negative impact on the children, and their safety and well-being has always been her priority."

Zach tweeted a picture of a memorandum of understanding, signed by Courtney Smith and her attorney, Julia Leveridge, which stated that "all parties agree" that he "did not commit any violent acts against Courtney Smith."

That memorandum also states that Leveridge "asked the Prosecutor to dismiss the charges against Zachary Smith if he would consent to a 3-year civil protection order, which is not an admission of wrongdoing or finding of any wrongdoing by Mr. Smith."

According to the memorandum, Zach "will only be sentenced to pay a fine and court costs."

Zach also released a longer statement on Twitter in which he thanked his supporters and legal team and reiterated that he did not commit domestic violence.

"Domestic Violence is a horrific crime and as a father to two beautiful daughters of whom I adore, I have been destroyed over the public perception and media's spin on things that came out. Mostly severely inaccurate and damaging," Zach wrote. "I have made sure that we agreed to a Mutual Protection Order so that I am never in a situation to get falsely or wrongfully accused of anything ever again."

Smith, who was fired by Ohio State on July 23 after a report by McMurphy detailed domestic violence allegations against him, also wrote that it has been hard for him to watch the Ohio State players this season who he previously coached.

"I miss my players terribly and that has been the hardest aspect to deal with," Smith said. "Watching them thrive and grow from afar has been rewarding to see but heartbreaking to not be a part of."

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