Friday Night Fights: Bye Week 2018

By 11W Staff on October 26, 2018 at 6:15 pm
it's still not okay to have your wedding on a bye week

Welcome to the ninth installment of Friday Night Fights, 2018.

This series is your opportunity to prove how clairvoyant you are regarding Ohio State's upcoming football fortunes. It also gauges how good or bad your #takes are, should you choose to defend them in the comments.

Ohio State is on a bye, which means it cannot hurt you this weekend. So let's hit the Bye Week Soundtrack, courtesy of Italian teen singing sensation Annalisa Scarrone:

Did we say teen? Just kidding, Annalisa is in her mid-30s. Italians age extraordinarily well thanks to a generations-old recipe of old money, carbohydrates and chain-smoking.

Let's check the results from last week's Fights and the best #takes from the week:

Ohio State's 4 and 5-stars were almost semi-competitive against a team of 2, 3 and the odd 4-stars. 
who cares
Ohio State does exactly one thing reliably well, and it's literally the only thing it's capable of doing.
welp welp welp welp welp
Blough went 25/43 for 378 yards and three touchdowns against Ohio State's back seven. 
nope nation
We refuse to call 3.0 ypc a marginal improvement. Twenty-five carries for 76 yards against a mediocre defense.
the night of endless crying jordans
We have seen the 2018 Buckeyes. We have seen them all season long.

Let's check some of the choice #takes:

the only good take
Only one choice #take this week. Congrats, Blue Eyed Buckeye!

Onto this week's Fights:

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