Five Clings: Most Incredible Receptions By Men of the Scarlet and Gray

By Chris Lauderback on May 18, 2017 at 11:05 am
Devin Smith turned in this acrobatic one-hander for six against Miami back in 2012.

Ohio State football history is dotted with outstanding individual performances turned in by hundreds of elite athletes who have graced Ohio Stadium. 

As noted last week in the first part of this series, now that we've officially entered that exasperating block of time largely absent of any meaningful Buckeye football news outside of the stray verbal from a blue chip recruit and as writers we're forced to create our own shot in the form of content, I'm going to take the next few Thursday slots and bastardize my postgame Five Things article with offshoots examining various aspect of Buckeye history. 

While last week focused on the most impressive individual streaks turned in by former greats, today I turn my attention to the greatest catches turned in by Buckeye receivers. 

To clarify, these aren't necessarily the most meaningful so you won't see grabs such as Gonzo's clutch snag setting up the winning score against Michigan in 2005. Holy Buckeye also won't be found on this list and it doesn't get much more important than that over the shoulder grab. The list goes on and on of truly crucial receptions in Buckeye lore. 

Instead, the following serve as what I think are the five most acrobatically awesome snags – or at least the most ridiculous ones that can be found on video. 


The 1985 Florida Citrus Bowl was generally a stinker featuring eight turnovers including six by the Cougars who were supposed to light it up with Robbie Bosco under center. 

While the teams did combine for 755 yards of offense the turnovers kept points from materializing as the Buckeyes escaped with a 10-7 win extending Earle Bruce's streak of mediocre 9-3 seasons to six. 

Not to discount the opportunistic effort turned in by the Buckeye defense, the most exciting play of the day occurred as Jim Karsatos attempted to throw a pass out of bounds. He forgot, however, that Cris Carter was in the area causing the following to transpire: 

That's some levitation, Holmes. And body control. And sick hands before tacky receiver gloves were employed. And that footwork is off the charts. 

Karsatos was also impressed saying, "When I finally saw it on film, he was tiptoeing the sidelines and he jumped up and caught the ball left-handed by the point of the football at least a yard out of bounds. Then he somehow levitated back in bounds to get both his feet in bounds. I swear to this day he actually levitated to get back in bounds. When I saw it on film, it just blew me away."

Same here, Jim. 


Ohio State looked like hot garbage through the first quarter of Urban Meyer's first game in Columbus as they trailed Miami, 3-0. 

Looking to give a quiet Ohio Stadium a jolt, Devin Smith did exactly that as he showed off tremendous ups and hands as he lifted off to bring in a 23-yard scoring strike from Braxton Miller giving the Buckeyes a 7-3 lead that would turn into a 56-10 smackdown. Behold: 

For bonus awesomeness, check out your boy in coverage. It looks like he really thinks he's going to bring down an interception but nope.  


Chris Vance, a lanky receiver out of Fort Myers, had exactly 42 receptions for the Buckeyes from 2001-02. The bulk of Vance's contributions came in 2001 as he tallied 29 grabs for 544 yards with four scores. 

One of those four scores happens to be one of the most ridiculous receptions in school history as he palmed a 13-yard toss from Steve Bellisari capping the scoring in a 35-9 spanking of Purdue. 

Oh, you Vancey, huh? 


Michael Thomas turned in a host of big plays during his heyday spanning the 2014-15 seasons. Overcoming issues early in his Ohio State career, Thomas tallied 110 receptions for 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns over his final two seasons in Columbus. 

A guy who take a short hook route to the house or body up his man creating the necessary separation in traffic, Mike's signature play as a Buckeye occurred in the 2015 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama as he displayed impressive body control and legendary footwork in grabbing a 13-yard scoring strike from fellow wideout Evan Spencer. 

Cyrus Jones got foot-worked, y'all. 


For one night in September 2016 it looked like Urban Meyer had found a wide receiver he could lean on. Of course, things didn't really work out as planned but that doesn't take away from the effort Noah Brown put forth against the Oklahoma Sooners in a 45-24 suffocation of Big Game Bob. 

Brown went off with five receptions for 72 yards and four touchdowns against the Sooners highlighted by embarrassing cornerback Michiah Quick via a 21-yard snag for six. 

You might have missed it on the replay but Brown was also able to emerge with Quick's wallet, soul and babygirl's digits. 

This is such a subjective exercise, I'm sure some of you are loaded for bear with a fistful of #hottakes so what catch should have replaced another on this list? 

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