Video: Michigan Man Responds to Mike Thomas' Trolling by Getting Mad Online

By D.J. Byrnes on January 28, 2016 at 7:23 pm
Point: Thomas

Twitter is akin to holding a conversation in the middle of the street... only you can't see the people watching until it's too late.

Like most Twitter beefs, Michael Thomas and Jourdan Lewis had nothing to do with the source of the argument. It started with a tweet featuring video of Braxton Miller dusting Virginia's Maurice Canady down at Senior Bowl practice:

This led to four-star 2016 DB (and Michigan commit) David Long making the following observation to which Michigan's All-American CB Jourdan Lewis responded:

Lewis also gave Long some scouting to his future blood rival:

No harm, no foul. Just two teammates having a nice chat on Twitter.

Except neither of them saw Mike Thomas climbing the turnbuckle until it was too late. Thomas hit Lewis with two (since deleted) videos of him getting the better of the CB during The Game.

There are two ways this could've gone. Lewis could've let it slide—after all, we're talking about two plays in the course of an ass-kicking—or he could get mad online in video form.

Lewis chose the latter in a tweet that's since been deleted. Here's the video:


Oh, it gets better. Lewis didn't stop at claiming the guy who burned him sucks. He issued another (quickly deleted) tweet that made me think this feud was taking a turn to Temecula:


Lewis never released the film. Thomas responded like the seasoned troll he is:

It's a shame Thomas won't be in Columbus next year when Lewis goes for his first win in his fourth try. That trash talk would've conjured images of David Boston and Charles Woodson.

Alas. This is all we'll have of this chapter in The Rivalry.

UPDATE: These two may never stop:

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