College GameDay and Pizza Hut Promote Tasteless anti-Urban Meyer Sign, Get Wrecked by the Meyer Women

By 11W Staff on September 21, 2015 at 9:52 am

UPDATE (4:14 p.m.): GameDay deleted the tweet and replaced it with this:

College football fans are known to bring crass signs to ESPN College GameDay sets, but the show does a pretty good job at getting the crude humor out of the public eye.

So it was curious when the franchise and tasteless cardboard peddler Pizza Hut linked up to promote a tasteless (at best) sign featuring Auburn's Gus Malzahn and a dig at Urban Meyer's health.

Let's see how the joke played out with three women who were more in-tune with Urban Meyer's health than some Alabama yokel who's obviously still salty about the 2014 campaign:

As if we needed another reason to never eat Pizza Hut or watch College GameDay.

I'd also like to think this Alabama fan ended up shirtless in a Tuscaloosa gutter (redundant, I know) due to blacking out from Peach schnapps after the Tide choked at home. Water always finds its own level, after all.

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