Hilarious Virginia Tech Fans Brilliantly Reference Tweet From 35 Months Ago

By Johnny Ginter on September 7, 2015 at 1:59 pm

Look, at a certain point Cardale is going to have to accept that people will never stop bringing up a dumb tweet he made several years ago. If you have an incredible redemption story that happens to take place during the craziest three game stretch in football history but were mad about a bad quiz score at one point, sorry, you apparently don't get to come back from that.


Which is fine, frankly. Give Ohio State the ammunition. The Hokies are a blindfolded turkey walking into a buzzsaw tonight. It's gonna be bad.

(H/T BarstoolSports.com)

EDIT: Actually, screw those guys! They just stole Ramzy's and Jason's pictures without attribution! Good job!

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