Houston's Tom Herman Lifted 'Championship Night' From Urban Meyer

By D.J. Byrnes on July 31, 2015 at 11:39 am

We last saw Tom Herman — who, you might not know, is a MENSA member — promising his Houston Cougars football team would undergo "the hardest fall camp in the history of college football." 

It also appears Herman took copious amounts of notes during his time in Columbus, which was a wise move considering he worked under the greatest coach in the game.

Herman poached Ohio State's "Friday Night Lights" and "Student Appreciation Day" during his short tenure, and it looks like he's lifted another tradition right out of Urban Meyer's book.

From Chris Vainnini of CoachingSearch.com:

Along with the work on the field, Herman will take an idea from Urban Meyer and hold “Championship Night” in camp, which will likely feature two speakers and a specific focus on what it’s like to win a championship.

After Florida won its first basketball national championship in 2006, Meyer wanted to recreate that feeling for his players. Herman is coming off a national championship with the Buckeyes, and he want to recreate that feeling with the Cougars, so they know what the top of the mountain feels like.

“(Meyer) said, ‘There’s got to be a way I cam simulate and educate this feeling of euphoria to my team,’ so he made a 10-minute video of people winning championships, descriptions, accounts and all that,” Herman said. “Then he had a champion come speak. I don’t know who it was that first year, but I think he’s had everybody from Doc Rivers to Bobby Knight, you name it.

Makes sense as to why Herman would want to steal this particular tradition: It seems to have worked wonders on the 2014 team.

Unfortunately for Herman's team, they'll have to get through The Master to win the program's first national title.

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