Sammy Silverman Gets More Deserved Props

By D.J. Byrnes on April 9, 2014 at 10:17 am

Sammy Silverman is one of Ohio State's best-kept secret weapons in the recruiting department. As other programs (see: Florida, Rutgers) struggle to move into the 21st century, Sammy Silverman is coasting far ahead of the pack. Here at Eleven Warriors, we've known that for awhile.

But Sammy is just starting to earn national props. First there was this:

And now is on the Silverman band-wagon:

Last April I visited Ohio State and when I walked into director of player personnel Mark Pantoni's office I immediately noticed all of the graphics he had on the wall. I told Pantoni at the time that their graphics were some of the best I've seen anywhere and he promptly introduced me to Sammy Silverman, a former Ohio State student, who does all of the graphics for Ohio State football..and by the looks of his twitter feed, might also be helping Ohio State basketball out now as well. Since then I've frequently seen Silverman's work featured by the Ohio State staff and it's clearly some of the best graphic work in all of college football. 

Everybody loves sleekly-edited pictures of themselves, especially highly-touted recruits. And it sounds like Sammy could truly be on the forefront of a new niche profession as other programs will soon recognize just how important he is to Ohio State.  

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