11W Community Interview: Don Bosco Prep Lineman Kevin Feder

By Jeremy Birmingham on December 23, 2014 at 2:30 pm
Kevin Feder is a rare physical specimen.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

The term "big" recruit is thrown around quite regularly, but rarely has it ever been so literally applied as the case of Ramsey, New Jersey's (Don Bosco Prep) Kevin Feder. A two-way lineman for Don Bosco, Feder had committed to the University of Miami this past January. In June, he traveled to Columbus for a one-day position camp at Ohio State and caught the eye of the Buckeyes' Ed Warinner, who — after thorough inspection — extended a scholarship offer to the 6-foot-9, 305-pound Feder.

Three days later, Feder was a Buckeye and that, as they say, was all she wrote. Today Kevin sits in and answers your questions as part of the 11W Community Interview Series

What is it like to be recruited by Ohio State? - Labuck

KF: Being recruited by Ohio State is something very special. The coaching staff and current players make you feel like it should be your home. Everybody is so close and it's really a great family environment. It made my decision to go there that much easier.  

Who has had the most impact on your playing career and why? - BroJim

KF:  There are many people who impacted my career, but the people who help out the most are my dad and my head coach at Don Bosco, Coach Toal. Coach Toal took me under his wing and taught me everything I know about football. Also, my father was a big part of it because of the massive support he gave me. 

What was it that ultimately drew you to commit to Ohio State instead of some of the other schools that offered you a scholarship? - RedHawkCIA

KF: The reason I committed so fast was because it was a no-brainer for me. Ohio Sate had always been my favorite team growing up as a kid. Plus with the amazing coaching staff that is there including the best offensive line coach in college, I couldn't resist committing. 

Ohio State has three rookies starting on NFL offensive lines this season. When comparing choices, how much influence does NFL turnout from a school have on your decision making? - Silver Bullet 10

KF: Ed Warinner's NFL success did have something to do with my flip in commitment. I knew by attending Ohio State I would have a better shot at realizing my goals to become an NFL player but for right now I need to focus on the more important things, and that's being ready to play for the Buckeyes. 

What's a hobby or interest you have that most wouldn't know about you? - ChicagoBuckeye

KF: I never really have that much off time because of football but when I do get time off I really enjoy wrestling. Wrestling has been really helpful with improving my footwork and conditioning. I think wrestling really did help me out with football, a lot.

It was rumored at one point that Ed Warriner was in the running for the Kansas job. How much of a factor is a certain coach to a recruit like yourself? Do you sign on to play for a coach, or is it the whole package of the program that makes a school the perfect fit? - LuckyNutz

KF: Having Coach Warriner as my coach was a big reason I flipped from Miami to Ohio State. If there was something that ever happened where he did leave I'd still stay at Ohio State though, 100-percent. I'm with the program now and would have faith in Coach Meyer to find another amazing coach for whoever would leave, if and when they do. 

Do you know what you're going to major in yet? - TeddyBallgame

KF: As of right now I am still undecided about what major I'm going to be taking. I'm leaning towards Sports Industry. 

We all saw that you started playing a bit of tight end. Has the staff mentioned anything about that to you? - Ohio State Ombre

KF: Even though I did play a little tight end this year, the plan is for me to come in and play as a left tackle. Although it sounds fun to to catch a few balls and score some touchdowns, I'm more satisfied with protecting my QBs blindside. 

I'm with the program now and would have faith in Coach Meyer to find another amazing coach for whoever would leave

Why did you choose to switch your commitment from Miami to OSU? - Raiderred

KF: I choose to switch from Miami to Ohio State for a ton of reasons. The main reason being I saw myself being able to come out of Ohio State more successful than I would of coming out of Miami even though it is a great university. Ohio State immediately felt like a family to me once I got there and I'm happy it's my new home for the next few years. 

Who in the #Elite15 class are you closest to and what do you expect to contribute as a freshman? - Buckeye4life050233

KF: I'm close with a lot of the players in the #Elite15 but got to know Nick Connor and Jashon Cornell really well on my official. Our class just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I expect nothing but big things from our entire class. We're going to cause havoc on the field when we arrive.

Go Bucks!

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