11W Community Interview: North Ridgeville Four-Star Running Back Demario McCall

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 16, 2015 at 11:15 am
Demario McCall takes your questions.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

In his junior year at North Ridgeville High School, Ohio State 2016 commitment Demario McCall ran for over 2300 yards and scored 35 touchdowns. He had seven touchdowns – four of them from over 50 yards – called back on penalties and finished the year with nearly 3000 all-purpose yards.

McCall committed to the Buckeyes in March of this year, ending what little speculation there was around his recruitment. A dynamic offensive weapon who could also be an elite cornerback, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound touchdown machine went on to earn an invitation to Nike's The Opening following an impressive performance at the camp's regional tryout in late May.

The country's second-ranked running back, Demario McCall doesn't get caught very often, but when he does, he does it for the 11W Community Interview series. 

Did you consider entering the corn-eating contest at the recent North Ridgeville Corn Festival?Fatpants

DM: No, I didn't enter the corn-eating contest at the corn fest (laughs). I couldn't make it this year because I was at a wedding and I had rehearsal the days of the festival. I probably would have entered it though if I had been able to go. 

What do you think is the strongest part of your game? As a runner? Pass-catcher? Returner?LLJJGG

DM: I don't think I have a part of my game that is the strongest. I say that because I think I am really good at all of those things. I think I'm pretty equal at running, catching or returning the ball. I don't think there's one part that's stronger than the others.

Without naming names, what is the weirdest thing a coach has said or done while recruiting you?YTownBucki

The H-back position is for a speedster and I've got a lot of that, so I should fit into the position perfectly.

DM: I don't know what is the weirdest thing a coach said to me. Honestly, I can't remember any one thing that was worse than any other. Recruiting is interesting and guys are all trying to find any way to talk to you.

What person in your life has influenced you the most?  Did this person help or assist in your decision to commit to the Buckeyes? If so, how?Maka

DM: My dad is the person who has influenced me the most in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him. He helped me make my decision to commit. Ohio State is his favorite team and he told me and showed me where I'll fit in with the Ohio State offense.

What does Urban tell you about how you will fit into the H-Back position, and what makes it so attractive?WesPatterson23

DM: He tells me that I remind him of Percy Harvin and he tells me that every time I see him. The H-back position is for a speedster and I've got a lot of that, so I should fit into the position perfectly.

What past or current football player do you compare your own skill set to?  – ICouldNotGoFor3

DM: I compare myself to Chris Johnson, he's my favorite tailback ever. I also play think I play a bit like LeSean McCoy. I think we're all similar because we can make people miss and have the ability to outrun someone if we need to. 

Who have you built the best relationship(s) with in the 2016 class?  Is there anyone in particular (this class or another) that you are especially excited to play alongside?Neo

DM: Austin Mack. That's my guy right there. We might room together down there but we don't know yet. I'm excited to play with everybody that's at Ohio State and all the guys that are going there, but there's not anyone else in particular.

Do you think a team having black jerseys for a game has any effect on recruiting? – Gumtape

DM: No, I don't think that would affect anyone getting recruited, even if they're cool. Really though uniforms stuff is pointless, just something to talk about. I wouldn't see why that would affect anyone's decision.

Urban Meyer is known to be a pretty intense coach that can deliver a strong statement to a team or individual. Is there anything he has stated that has stood out for you personally? EnonBuck79

DM: The last time I was down there he told me that "something is going to go wrong on my team this year at some point." No matter what it is, if somebody goes down with an injury and we lose somebody or if we're down early in a game; will I be the one who steps up to the plate and tell and show everyone that its gonna be ok?  "Am I a part of the problem or a part of the solution?" That stuck with me.

What are your goals for your senior season? What teams would you most like to play against in the high school playoffs?John Cooper's Lucky Pig

DM: My goals are big, but I can do it. I want to score 50 touchdowns and I want to reach 3,000 rushing yards. I'd love to see Avon in the playoffs and take our shot at knocking them out.

Thanks everyone for the questions. I appreciate all of you.

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