11W Community Interview: The Plains Quarterback Joe Burrow

By Jeremy Birmingham on July 13, 2014 at 12:00 pm

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

Joe Burrow, the subject of this week's 11W Community Interview, could be dubbed "The Rainmaker." After all, it was Burrow's commitment that ended a serious recruiting drought for the Buckeyes and brought forth the deluge that happened during May and June of this year. Just days after his pledge, Burrow was at Ohio State, working his tail off on the football field and as a recruiter for the Buckeyes.

He also had turned into an unexpected fashion icon, thanks in part to his choice in hosiery. It's been quite a summer for Burrow, who, after a family vacation that saw him rub elbows with NFL stars on the beach, returned home to Ohio to take your questions. 

Welcome to the 11W Community Interview, Joe Burrow edition.

Your tape shows you running the ball quite a bit, but you do very well in the pocket too - if you were describing your game, do you think your more of a dual threat QB who likes to run, or pocket passer who can run if needed? - Poison Nuts

JB: I would definitely describe myself as a pocket passer, but someone who can run if needed. I'm not going to just take off before the play develops if I have time. I think what makes me so dangerous is that I look for plays down the field until the very last moment. Off of that though, I can run designed run plays and I will not shy away from contact. 

What is one thing Buckeye nation doesn't know about you? - Hobochops987

JB: One thing Buckeye nation doesn't know about me is that up until last year I thought I was going to be a basketball player, not a college football player. As a freshman I played varsity basketball and focused on basketball until after my sophomore basketball season. 

You were quoted as saying that the coaching staff saw improvement in your game which led to your offer. What specifically do you think you improved the most at from last year to now? And what do you think is your biggest strength on the field? - Fly Patterns

JB: I think what improved most was just my my footwork and arm strength. I have a very good quarterback coach here at Athens and he worked with me a lot last season to get me where I am today. My biggest strength on the field in my opinion is my ability to extend the play. 

What current or incoming offensive "weapon" are you looking most forward to playing with? - DustinCCC

JB: I wouldn't say I am looking forward to playing with any one player in particular, I would say I am just excited to witness all the incredible athletes that Ohio State has. I think that might take a while to get used to, just the speed and quickness of everybody on the field. 

Your commitment broke the "drought" so to speak. Can you talk about any of the conversations you were having with the coaching staff at the time? Did the lack of commitments factor in to your decision to commit when you did? - EwanJobi

JB: I honestly wasn't even aware of the drought. The only thing that I knew was that I wanted to be a Buckeye and I didn't want to wait to become one. There was no reason for me to wait (once Ohio State offered), the conversations I had, committing immediately, that was just how excited the coaching staff and myself were that day. 

What benefit has it been to your development as a quarterback to grow up around football programs and have a coach for a father?  - BethesdaBuck

JB: It has been a huge benefit for me. I feel like I am ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the game and the intricacies of it because I have grown up knowing nothing but football. My dad and I watch film together, he quizzes me on what coverage and what plays will work against my opponent that week and sometimes his opponent. It's a huge benefit. 

Do you ever read Ohio State Fan Forums or do you try to avoid that stuff?  - KingBuckeye419

JB: I generally try to avoid the forums as much as I can but every once in a while I do scour the internet for negative things said about me, just as extra motivation. I love reading about people who doubt me, who doubt my abilities and I love proving people wrong. 

How will you prepare differently at Ohio State when you arrive to compete for a starting role with the other highly rated QB.s currently on the OSU roster? - AlwayzaBuckeye614

JB: Honestly, I won't do anything different than I do now. I'm just going to come in and give my all in everything that I do. Whether it's in the weight room or on the practice field; in the classroom, or on the playing field. I am going to bring energy and a hard working attitude to the team and I think that will be evident as soon as I get there. 

Are you helping to recruit other guys to join this class? Who have you reached out to? - Killer Nuts

JB: Yes, I am recruiting other players. All of the commits have done a great job in recruiting the players that we want to join us, and we're working very hard. We want to have to number one recruiting class this year because our goal before we graduate is to win a national championship and we will not settle for anything less. We want to get to the top and we need the best players to do that.

Ohio state is a special place. It is clearly the best place to play college football in America and I am very excited to be a part of the legendary program.

What's the first thing you did after ending your converstation with coach Meyer after your commitment? - WezBuck28

JB: The first thing I did was try to call my mom and dad but neither of them answered. So the first people who found out were my friends who were in my house with me at the time. None of my family would answer for about 30 minutes so we get a good laugh out if that every once in a while.

Ohio state is a special place. It is clearly the best place to play college football in America and I am very excited to be a part of such a legendary program. The fans are what make it so special. I promise this class will do special things at Ohio State. Our goal is to win a national championship and if we don't accomplish, that we will be disappointed more than anyone else. Buckeye nation is crazy, and I love it, and I appreciate all of your support. 

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