Remember When: Denison University Football Team Refused to Take the Field After a Dispute Over The Length of the Game

By Avery DePaola on April 13, 2020 at 1:05 pm
Remember when Denison forfeited against Ohio State.
Lantern Digital Archives

Denison University and Ohio State had an odd feud in 1905 which all started over Denison’s use of ineligible players on their football squad. Long story short, Ohio State called them out and Denison wasn't too happy about it.

Dension failed to cooperate when it came to deciding the length of the game for their matchup in October of 1905 on Ohio Field. They never took the field after the coin toss, and forfeited the game.

Spectators weren't impressed by the lack of showmanship which led to this article from the October 18, 1905 issue of The Lantern:

From The Lantern, 1905

Within the same issue by The Lantern, Ohio State announced that they would be severing ties with Denison athletics over the ongoing situation and reports of Denison paying their players. The hiatus didn't last long as the two teams met again two years later.

The 1905 team of Buckeyes finished their season 8-2-2 led by head coach Edwin Sweetland.

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