Ohio State Investigation Has Led to More Than 100 Firsthand Accounts of Sexual Misconduct by Richard Strauss

By 11W Staff on July 20, 2018 at 12:48 pm
Ohio State

More than 100 former students have reported firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct committed by former Ohio State physician Richard Strauss, the university announced on Friday afternoon.

Ohio State launched an investigation into Strauss in April after allegations of sexual abuse during his time as the physician for the wrestling team. Since then, the investigation has expanded to male athletes in over 14 different sports and former patients of student health services.

Investigators have completed more than 200 interviews with former students and university staff believed to have information concerning the allegations involving Strauss and plan to complete at least 100 additional interviews and remain in contact with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office.

The investigation also revealed that Strauss established a private office in Columbus outside of the university setting, where additional acts of sexual misconduct occurred were reported to have taken place.

Ohio State encourages anyone with information about incidents relating to Strauss and his time at Ohio State to contact investigators at osu@perkinscoie.com, promising that those coming forward will be treated with "the utmost confidence and sensitivity permitted by law" and that individuals may remain anonymous.

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