Ohio State and Oklahoma State Settle “OSU” Trademark Beef

By D.J. Byrnes on September 20, 2017 at 5:43 pm
Pistol Pete drunk as a skunk.

Oklahoma State objected earlier this year to Ohio State's attempt to trademark "OSU" and discard an agreement the two universities had about using the famous acronym.

As it turns out, the two universities won't slug it out in federal court to find the superior OSU. The two sides reached an amicable agreement.

Carrie Ghose of Columbus Business First broke the news:

Not only have they dropped the dispute, they've dropped the geographic divisions – thanks to the internet, changes in conference boundaries and increased non-conference games.

"Prior agreements as to the concurrent use of the respective (OSU trademarks) within specific geographic boundaries has been rendered impractical," the agreement says.

The new agreement on "OSU" covers the entire United States and uses encompassing education, entertainment, apparel and merchandise.

The two sides agreed to not use "OSU" in connotation with the other school's colors and mascots.

They also agreed not to disparage each other as the fake OSU.

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