Across the Twitterverse: Review of the Week's Best Tweets

By Kevin Harrish on June 5, 2015 at 2:45 pm

You may find that work, school, or other obligations keep you from focusing on Twitter the way you should. Thankfully for you, I'm able to tune out those distractions and provide you with a weekly rundown of the best tweets from around campus.

Another week down, meaning we're one week closer to kickoff. To help celebrate, here are the best tweets from this week.

I can't even hate on this. The only time I golf is if the balls are colored and the hole is less than 15 yards away.

Few people I'm talking to are important enough to justify me doing this, and the ones who are will gladly wait. But you do you Sean, you do you.

This tweet could either be about campus parc or campus partners. In either case, I wholeheartedly endorse this. 

It's insane really. Everything on the menu has the same basic taste. It really doesn't matter what you order.

Please try to watch this video with the sound on without laughing. I don't think it can be done. The music is just too much.

I, for one, can't wait for the song for the specialists. That'll be fire.

It's a great feature, sure, but I don't use it. I just unfollow. If you take social media seriously enough to be hurt if I unfollow you, that's on you not me.

Stephen collier can't ride a bike

As the scout team quarterback this season, Stephen Collier more-than-adequately prepared the Silver Bullets to face perhaps the most complex and uptempo offense in the nation as well as this year's Heisman Trophy Winner— and he did it in less than 10 days. 

Apparently, that was easier than riding a bike. 

Mom was concerned.

The fake lantern returns?

Backstory for those of you that do not have Twitter accounts or somehow missed this account: @TheFakeLantern is hands down the best Ohio State related anonymous account (actually, it's the only one that's even mildly good. All the others are pretty much garbage). 

Now you ask, "Kevin, if this account is as good as you say it is, why hasn't it been featured in the 'Follow Friday' section, or any of its Tweets been in previous articles?" 

Well here's why. In March, they Tweeted this:

And they did not back down. They have been gone for nearly three months.

Until this week...

They made their "return" by retweeting this tweet:

What does it mean?! A fittingly-anti-climactic-and-trollfully-delicious return? Unparalleled dedication to a local clothing company? A Braxton-esque "that was an accident"? Whatever it was, rest assured, I will now be on @TheFakeLantern watch.

The question is, did people even notice they were gone? You tell me.

this week's winner of twitter

Follow Friday:

Following the lead of @BuckSpecialists, a few other position groups joined Twitter this week

Eventually, all the defensive accounts will likely be merged into this one, collective one for the entire defense.  

As far as I can tell, these are pretty official accounts run by somebody on staff, so they'll be a good follow. 

So far, I haven't found an account for the quarterbacks or the runningbacks, but maybe those will pop up.

Note: that isn't your cue to go make an @OSU_QBs account. Leave it to the coaches and players. People who make fake accounts are the worst kinds of people. 

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