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By Eleven Warriors on February 10, 2020 at 5:45 am
Become a 12th Warrior

You love the Buckeyes. And we love providing exhaustive coverage of Ohio State athletics.

We're also committed to providing that coverage for free, which can sometimes be a challenge as we live in an era of paywalls sprouting up across the internet.

Help us fulfill our mission and bring you the Buckeye coverage you deserve by becoming a 12th Warrior today.

12th Warriors are part of a selfless perks program for readers who have a little extra money to help us accomplish the opposite of a paywall system: It is designed to make Eleven Warriors better for everybody. The 12th Warrior community is about supporting a site you love and paying forward for readers who can't.

For just $85 a year – one dollar for every yard of one of the greatest runs you've ever seen in your life – you'll help make Eleven Warriors better for everyone. Oh, and you'll also enjoy exclusive perks:

  • A voucher for $40 off any purchase from our legendary store, Eleven Warriors Dry Goods. Have your eye on a killer t-shirt? Get that. A hat? It's yours. Some stickers, a flask, and some other things? Treat yourself. 
  • The opportunity to purchase new goods before they're promoted in the wild and sell out. We'll also run some of our commercial ideas and decisions by you for your blessing and feedback before we act on them.
  • Exclusive experiences and events. In our world, this means tailgates, happy hours, and other things we can do to get together and reward members for paying forward.
  • Access to the Premium Lounge forum. Yes, it's real and it's spectacular.
  • The pride of knowing you've paid forward and helped make Eleven Warriors the highest-quality destination for Buckeye enthusiasts while keeping it free for thousands of people who may never know or be able to personally thank you.

Beyond helping us build an anti-paywall and keeping the site free for all, your support as a 12th Warrior helps us fulfill our mission by…

  • Helping fund travel to events not often covered by other media organizations, like the All-American Bowl, the Senior Bowl, the NFL Draft, The Opening, and funding coverage of Ohio State wrestling, ice hockey, women's basketball, and other sports often ignored by other outlets that cover the Buckeyes. 
  • Empowering us to invest in new technologies and additional server capacity for a site that sees massive traffic, particularly during football season when millions of fans visit each month.
  • Keeping ads to a minimum on Eleven Warriors so your experience is clean.

Have questions about becoming a 12th Warrior? We have answers.