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Traffic Stats/Record for 11W: The Biggest Events

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December 18, 2018 at 8:46am

With everything that has gone on this season with Urban, in the fall and then his retirement, it got me curious if there were any metrics or statistics the staff and mods could release to show what days in OSU sports "history" (aka since the 11W site when live) caused the most traffic/server bog/crash/click and post overload.

I have no idea where these events would rank but I want to assume these specific events put a huge toll on the 11W site, mods and servers. What events am I missing? And what blew up the site the most?

  • OSU v UM #1 vs #2
  • Terrelle Pryor Commit Announcement
  • Jim Tressel: Tatgate and Resignation
  • #FireFickel
  • Urban Meyer Announcement as New HC
  • Beating Alabama
  • National Title
  • Kyle Snyder taking over the World
  • #FireThad
  • Urban's Media Day Debacle
  • Zach Smith and Brett McMu...(refuse to breathe his full name in to life)
  • The Urban Suspension Announcement (the entire day of waiting)
  • Urban's Resignation

Guessing since the site didn't have nearly as many members back in 2006 as it does today, I am sure it's tough to compare the traffic of the earlier monumental events with the more recent. But I would be curious to hear what day ranks as the biggest day in 11W history.


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