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I love Ohio State. The tradition, the school, the sports. All my input is for the betterment of our great University and Athletic Program. I put no 1 man above the success and betterment of The Ohio State University.


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Comment 12 Aug 2019

Why are there so many tOSU fans rooting for this kid to fail?

Pretty sure I have never seen anyone arbitrarily root for this kid to fail on this forum. (Arbitrarily is the key word here 804).

That being said, I have seen a large group who are very much willing to remind Tate, and his fanboys amongst us (not naming names), that your thumbs shouldn't write checks that your talent can't cash. #TeamTate had to kind of expect this type of foot in mouth disease.

What did he ever do/say that was a big deal at all?

^ This one can't be a serious question right?

Comment 01 Aug 2019
  • September 4th 1993
  • OSU - 34
  • Rice Owls - 7
  • 50 rushing attempts - 207 yards
  • 30 Passes - 246 yards
  • Bobby Hoying, Raymont Harris, Chris Carter, Joey Galloway and Eddie George all became gods to me that day. 

My parents, aunts and uncles organized one big trip for me and all of my cousins to attend our first game together. My parents, aunts and uncles had all frequented OSU games when they all attended school here. So they were Pros.

The first thing that comes to mind was basically the very first event of the morning... Eleven Warriors brethren, I am proud to say that I saw my first set of mam-cannons at hiney gate. Mam if you are reading this I pray your life turned out better than expected. Because you deserve it. And some day I would like to shake your father's hand if possible. Danger Brother's became my favorite band of all time that morning as well... (Took my dad a little while to explain to me that those guys weren't the actual members of ACDC and Guns n Roses.)

All the sudden we were rushed off to St. John's arena. In my youthful naivete I thought THAT was where they were going to play the game. (Until, again, dad helped explain what was going on...) I remember the wooden box seats in the tightly packed rows seemed like they stretched on and on for miles. It was the biggest building I had ever been in at that time. The wooden seats were too tall for me to hop up in, so dad had to lift me so I could sit for what I then learned was the "Skulls Session". But then I couldn't see anything with the crowd standing up, so he threw me on his shoulders so I could take it all in. I can't even fathom what the look on my face was. I remember the band being soooo loud and looking like soldiers moving in perfect unison. I remember everyone going crazy and screaming all around us. I grew up in a town of 2500 people, 53 kids in my class total. So this was a culture shock for a barely 7 years old small town farm boy.

And then started the walk to the stadium which felt like it took hours. I remember being very very small, being very exhausted and everything being huge and overwhelming. Once we walked in to the stadium I was on sensory overload and now had truly walked in to the biggest building of my lifetime. So many of those "WOW" milestones in one day. Too much to take in, too many questions to ask. Funny, I do remember having to go to the bathroom at some point and dad lifting me up so I could stand on the edge of the long dirty trough and do my business... Just goes to show that literally everything was a new adventure.

In our seats, my cousins and I memorized all the words to the OSU fight songs that were in the gameday program so we could sing them with the crowd and the band. (And then on the long van ride back home). My cousin Carly kept crying because "The Wave" that the crowd was doing kept dying out before it got to our section, but then finally picked up enough steam and made it all the way around. I don't know how many times I screamed I-O. But I clearly remember Dad said I WAS NOT ALLOWED to yell O-H. That only OSU graduates get to do that (obvi it was set right then I would be a Buckeye grad)... But when they did yell O-H, I had better be ready and scream I-O as loudly as I could in order for OSU to win. (He obviously told me this farse bc he knew I would've been yelling O-H non stop for the entire trip. Well played pop.)

We took back with us a big tin bucket that I believe my parents and uncles were consuming beer out of at Varsity Club, some nerf type OSU footballs and pennants from Conrad's. No idea where any of that stuff is now... but I still remember these details quite vividly. Everything looks so different at that age. Now having been to 20-30+ games over my ~33 years of life, it is wild to think back to my first steps on campus.

Thank you, OP, for doing this thread. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Well you mentioned one game where Haskins "got benched" without speaking at all objectively to his body of work that season (70% completion, 4TDs, 1int, 174 QBR)... or at least mention one other game where he was thrown in to perhaps the biggest test that exists at OSU for a QB. And what he did when he got in. As a RS Freshman... Down by a TD late... At UM.

I believe you made a point about him getting benched, which I assume you were using to say he wasn't ready? I made a point to the contrary. What he did at Michigan was waiting in the stables all season. And I would argue that the JT offense was very predictable and handicapped our offense versus Oklahoma, Iowa, and UM (you remember that first half and the 3rd quarter I assume). Of course the JT comeback vs Penn State will be one of the greatest things cemented in my Buckeye heart. JT had finally shown us what we had been waiting so long to see. Jt the QUARTERBACK... And then Iowa happened.

Would Haskins have hung 60 on Wisconsin, instead of the 27-21 win in Indy (46% passing, 3 INTs, only 211 yards)? Who knows...

"But JT was injured in Indy... You can't count that..."

I was hoping you would say that... Which some would say is the entire point of this whole debate. Were the best players on the field for that entire season? Of course any answer to this is all opinion based off armchair observation. I have no clue what actual discussions happened behind closed doors, or if anyone was advocating for Haskins in Urban's ear... Knowing that Urban would never sit JT so long as he had a heart beat.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Agree very much. TP was built like a damn tank... but with 4.4 speed. (Even though he always looked like he was barley jogging haha)

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Why do people always seem mistake honesty and justified comparisons with "you hate the kid! How dare you?!"

I'd let JT marry my daughter (if I had one) and take my mom to church (if she went). He'll forever be one of my favorite players. He wasn't just the team captain, he was OUR captain... But he wasn't the best quarterback in the position room with Haskins waiting in the winds. JT did get exposed as a sub-par and inconsistent passer of the football. His skill set handicapped our offense.

That doesn't mean I hate him and have forgotten all the great things he did for us. 

Comment 27 Jun 2019

The best players play, that's how it's always been.

I would challenge that sentiment slightly with a couple decisions over the past 4 1/2 years.

But in general, yes that's how mostly it goes and how it should always go.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Watched the few highlights from his Georgia games, Fields really does favor lowering his shoulder, getting those extra couple yards and laying the wood to a DB like Pryor used to do. He's not afraid of contact...

I hope he lets that side of his game go... a little bit... when not necessary.

But you have to love the grit.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Not new by any stretch. I coached a pretty competitive travel baseball team from their 10U up through 12U seasons. 2012-2015. The kids were awesome, for the most part. The least favorite kids mostly came from the least favorite parents.

But ultimately the parents were the reason I stepped away from the team. On my exit speech I said to them "if I could do it all over again, I would go find 12 orphans and hope that they were all exactly like your sons."

Most of the parents laughed, the ones who didn't probably didn't get it... that I was referring to them.

Comment 31 May 2019

When did pundits/experts/coaches first begin ranking football recruits? I have to assume it's been going on since the 80s? I just couldn't find anything online about what year it really became a "thing".

A friend of mine said this kid is one of the top 200 recruits of all time. Trying to see what that metric stacks up against.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

Lorimer's fault for not know what kind of piece of shit Chubb is? Ehhh...

I am not going to fault a guy for doing a fan a kind favor upon request, so long as it was the first (and only) time he's ever/will ever interact with Chubb.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

Lorimer is aware.

However, Chubb was not aware, or simply didn't care, that the tickets he got from Lorimer would be near Lorimer in the VIP area. Lorimer sees two random people sit down, none of which were Buck I Guy (Chubb).