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So, when did the Eleven Dubcast start using my graphic?

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October 19, 2016 at 10:16pm

So I made this back in 2014:


Got some G-List Internet Stardom for a day or two with it. And it featured a certain graphic I "frankensteined" to appear as JT Barrett.


Ive since been a lurker on the site, just reading news and stuff, but I hit up the Eleven Dubcast the other day and noticed a familiar graphic on it. It's the same JT Barrett graphic that I made being used as the "avatar" graphic for the Dubcast.


I'll admit it's pretty cool seeing something I made being used. I'll also admit, I feel a little left out. I'm not sure if I was credited with the graphic. That being said, I also can't remember if I was even asked if it was ok to use it, honestly it's been a long and rough (graduating school and getting a job) two years since I dropped that video.

If I was given credit, cool. But if not, that kinda sucks because I love this place and I visit it at least twice a week. Obviously I don't know if I was credited or not for it (I am not a podcast guy).

With all of that being said, I dig that the graphic is being used and I hope it continues to be used.



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