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What Do You Collect and Why?

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August 10, 2019 at 12:04pm

Hey boys and girls. Lazy Saturday so far on weekend editor duty. 

I'm sitting at my pc in my home office staring at about 800 vinyl records off to the side and made me wonder what everyone collects and why? 

I've always had a bug for collecting shit - I got it from my dad. When I was a kid I collected baseball cards, newspaper articles and baseball gloves. I still have a bunch of all three.

As I've "grown up" I still collect a bunch of shit. As noted, I've got at least 800 vinyl records but I also have probably at least 125 bottles of bourbon, over 60 phish concert gig posters, a ton of concert ticket stubs and ticket magnets. 

Beyond your what and why for collecting, what's your most valuable item? 

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