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Slight Adjustment to the NFL Draft Process

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May 4, 2021 at 1:08pm

Forgive me if this idea has been floated before, but as I was watching the NFL draft, I was curious as to how the draft could be more focused on the well-being of the player. The thought came to my mind as I watched Shaun Wade fall from round to round without being picked and imagined that he was probably wondering if he should have stayed an additional year and have a chance to improve his craft or go back to a more natural position. 

The idea is pretty simple- in between draft rounds, there is a 15-20 minute "dead period" where players who have not been selected can withdraw from the draft and return to school. That way, players can test the waters and set a level that if they were to drop further than their desired round, they can go back to school and try to land higher in the following draft. 

Obviously there would be details to work out in regards to hiring agents and all the NCAA nonsense, but just curious if anyone has other ideas to give players more options in regards to their future. 

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