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Is It Me or Does Anyone else Think 49ers Made a Mistake with Lance

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May 4, 2021 at 12:22pm

I know when drafting a QB, you try to project into the future what they will be and not necessarliy what he is "today".

But looking at his body of work, he played very subpar competition and didn't play any top FBS teams. He played really 16 games. His 2 games as a freshman and 1 game as a Junior doesn't count. That means he doesn't have enough starts in college to really determine if he can read defenses. 

I get that Trey fits their offense, but why would you draft a guy that high with that little experience? Since 2006, there have been 5 QB's drafted with less than 17 starts:

Trubisky, Cam Newton, Haskins, Mark Sanchez, Kyler Murray. 

The difference between this group is that they came from Power 5 teams. 

I just don't see why they would pass on Fields with the same upside and has more starts playing against top tier teams.

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