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Anyone Playing Fantasy Baseball This Year?

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July 6, 2020 at 8:06pm

Wondering how folks are going to handle their drafts/picks? Mine is next weekend. I assume we are going to get at least some MLB  and I'll have to draft but trying to figure out the best route to navigate the covid waters with picks. Already a number of players have said they won't play, and then you have guys like Mike Trout that seem sort of "iffy" on the whole thing. I'm guessing between my draft and the actual opening day more players will drop out.

What's everyone else planning on doing? Draft as usual and roll the dice? Draft younger players? Avoid teams that are spiking right now?? or cities, maybe?? 

And what about pitching? Depending on the league and points system pitchers can be really important but these guys aren't going to be stretched out. We may get 4-5 innings and bullpen games for a big chunk of the season..

Curious what other 11Ws are thinking/planning//

Go Bucks!

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