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Wax Nostalgic - Favorite Defunct/Departed/Redesigned Sports Teams

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June 24, 2020 at 9:37am

Was reading up on some hockey news (sorry, Columbus) earlier, the ad analytics kicked in to offer up fresh hockey gear - some of which was some vintage wear from former teams (Hartford Whalers to be specific).

The mind picked up from the there - I got to thinking back to old sports franchises from any of the professional sports in North America who fell by the wayside or moved on to new digs leaving original logos/colors/unis behind.

Came across a dated BR write-up for reference help to start, here's what I came up with (essentially in my lifetime, say mid-70's on), no order:

Houston Oilers - I caught onto the NFL in the late 70's, and the Oilers were enjoying some success with Earl Campbell, Bum Phillips, and the Luv Ya Blue fanbase. Also liked their colors, especially with the iconic oil derrick as their primary logo. Check Ed George in action, his rookie season, a few years before Houston moved operations to Tennessee.

The aforementioned Whale...the Hartford Whalers. Discovered hockey at the dawn of the 80's, with the Miracle on Ice, and quickly became a fan of the NHL - full of action and colorful teams both Canadian and American. Have spent most of my life on the east coast, so have followed metropolitan teams more than others, was always drawn to Hartford. They stayed competitive in a small market among bigger draws (competing with Boston and the NY markets), and I thought they had the coolest colors/design that really stood out during their existence (from the old WHA in the 70's until their run in the NHL that ended in 1997 with a move to Raleigh and a new identity as the Carolina Hurricanes). Here's a pic of Captain Class Ron Francis sporting the home sweater.

Will finish with hoops before turning over to you, how about the Seattle Supersonics? The Sonics, the X-man! Enjoyed watching the Sonics from the late 80's into the 90's until their relocation to OKC ahead of the 2008 NBA season. Again I thought the logo and colors were slick, the primary logo from the mid-70's to mid-90's so cool with the Space Needle and Seattle Skyline.

Let's have your picks, 11W!

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