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What Was the Most Exciting Participant Sports Experience (outside of a School Team) That You Ever Had?

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June 22, 2020 at 12:34pm

I was reading about the hole in one by MN Buckeye.  Very cool and kudos to him.  As I commented on his post, my claim to fame in golf is that I shot 40 on the front nine at Pebble Beach (although, admittedly, it happened on the public Par-3 course across the street from the fabled golf course).

But that got me to thinking about what I did aside from playing school team sports that was my coolest or my most exciting experience.  And, I settled on playing soccer in England with my old-timers team when I was in my mid-40s.  I had played for many years but had never played overseas before that with my club team.  

To go to the birthplace of soccer and play on this fantastic manicured pitch—it was fantastic!  I realize I wasn’t playing in the Premier League but still...

And it reinforced for me the notion that you’re never too old to have a potentially thrilling experience playing sports, even if the body parts don’t quite function the way they used to.

I would be curious to hear from others on this topic, thanks.

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